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Friday, March 11, 2011

Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris & Jaq's Harp Reviews

Aboard the Unstoppable Areostat Fenris has the makings of a great Steampunk story. It’s a 64 page short that doesn’t really have a traditional ending because I believe the author, Cameron Chapman plans to continue on with the characters of sixteen year old Isabelle and the early thirtyish Captain Stig. Cameron’s writing was well done with great tension filled scenes. She really sets the stage for an atmospheric Steampunk that may turn into a romance at one point.

The story begins with a hungry and cold Isabelle Hemsworth roaming the streets. Because she can’t find legitimate work, she hopes to find her older brother, who may reside in London. But getting there is a problem because she has no money and there’s talk of war that may come soon. Isabelle sneaks aboard an aging airship to keep warm for the night. But she’s soon found out by the captain of the Fenris. Captain Stig offers her food, a shower and a bunk for the night. At first he thinks Isabelle is younger than she is, but when she cleans herself up, he figures out she’d close to womanhood. Isabelle ends up staying aboard the Fenris as Stig decides to bring her to her brother, as well as deliver some mysterious cargo. Soon these two become friends, who must keep their eye out for air pirates and other dangers as they fly through the skies. And when their cargo is revealed, it leads to an incredible reward for them both.

Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris should interested readers who enjoy Steampunk books. Isabelle and Stig have great chemistry together, where the seeds of attraction grow between them, but aren’t acted upon. This would be a great story for teens, and one where you’ll be anxious for the next installment. Perhaps Cameron will age Isabelle and she’ll meet up again with Stig to have further adventures together?
For the moment, you can read Aboard the Unstoppable Aerostat Fenris for free at Goodreads.

Final Grade: B 

When I read the blurb for Jaq’s Harp, I was very intrigued. This sounded like it had a nice take on the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale set in a grim futuristic sci-fi world . The heroine, Jaq Robinson works for the Mother organization that wants to take down Giant Corp. Jaq’s sister has grown very ill because of Giant. They promised her a miracle in pill form, which is now killing her slowly. Jaq wants revenge against the greedy Giant and will infiltrate their headquarters that floats high above the city. Unfortunately for her, Harper English, her former lover and one she still has anger and hurt towards, is working undercover as a musician there. Jaq’s willing to take the chance that she may come in contact with Harper. She’s given a seed that will grow into a beanstalk, where she can climb up undetected and into the headquarters. The minute she sneaks inside, she comes face to face with Harper, who’s less than pleased with seeing her there. There’s not much he can do where Jaq is involved because if his cover is blown, he’ll end up dead.

Harper will help Jaq, and that means putting his own life on the line. He hopes when all is said and done, he and Jaq can work things out where she’s willing to forgive him. They just have to survive in order to make that happen.

I had great hopes for Jaq’s Harp by Ella Drake, but the problem lies with the length of the book. It’s just too short with the intense world building, and because of this, it suffers majorly. This is a type of book that would have excelled if it has been a much longer read. I also couldn’t find a connection with Jaq because of her deep rooted anger and acid type personality. Harper, as a hero, has no real depth. I also found myself going, “huh?” at one point when Harper takes Jaq back to his room, and even though the skanky femme fatale villain is waiting for him, he gets naked, lies on his bed and invites Jaq and have quickie with him before they continue on their dangerous mission. At this point, I was close to DNFing Jaq’s Harp because of that scene. Seriously, these two are working undercover, and for Harper in a very droll way to ask Jaq to climb on top of him and ride him, (keep in mind she despises him with every sense of her being) just didn’t make any sense to me at all. It really takes away from the story and is not sexy in any form. I also couldn’t get behind Jaq and Harper’s HEA at all because these two don’t connect on any level.

Unfortunately for me, Jaq’s Harp is a pass. This would have been a truly unique and memorable read if it was longer and had better written and dimensional characters. (Available at Carina Press for $2.69)

Final Grade: C-

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