Saturday, February 2, 2013

So Many Self Pubished Authors Taking Over the Chart Topping Lists!

Whereas the New York Times and USA Today best seller book list was pretty ho-hum last week, this week is very different. There are more than a few surprises, especially with the explosion of the appearance of self published authors, including a debut self published author and her book that I said last week would hit a list. I have quiet the seeing eye and my magic ball tells me all...

The New York Times Combined Print and E-Book Fiction list still has Nicholas Sparks ruling the roost at #1 with Safe Haven. There's a new book at #2, which is James Patterson and Mark Sullivan with Private Berlin. James Patterson also has multiple books in the to 30. I really think this man sold his soul to the book devils.

Good Girl moves up to #3 and Hopeless drops to #4. Fifty Shades of Grey is at #5.

Kim Harrison breaks the top 10 at #7 for her first week with Ever After, the eleventh book in her Hollows series. There are two familiar self published faces in the the top twenty with Addison Moore's Someone to Love and Jessica Sorensen's The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden.

The biggest surprise is from Gail McHugh, a self published author who popped up out of nowhere (at least to me) 2 weeks ago with the book Collide. Not only is she #20 on the NYT Combined Fiction list, but #15 on the best selling E-book list and #32 on the USA Today list. This is beyond fascinating to me that a debut self published author can rise above the thousands of self published books and hit the NYT and USA Today when most traditionally published debut authors don't. Congrats to Collide. Anyone want to take bets at how long it takes a NYC publisher to come knocking on Gail's door?

Speaking of the best selling E-book list, Entangled Publishing has another one of their authors hitting the list. C.J. Ellison's Vanilla on Top is at #35.

Onto the USA Today best selling books of the week...

The top 10 is a mix of every single genre book, but the top 5 from the NYT is in the top 10 at the USA Today. Last week this list was pretty lacking with self published authors, but this week there was large amount of self publish books in the top 150 here.

Wait for Me by Elizabeth Naughton was once for free and then sold for .99 cents. That price may have helped Wait for Me take over the #11. Elizabeth also has a following because she has been traditionally published with Dorchester and now with Sourcebooks.

Rundown of some authors hitting the USA Today list:

Another author who straddles both the traditional and self published world is Lisa Renee Jones. Tall, Dark and Deadly is #30.

Self published author, Liliana Hart is at #62 with Dirty Little Secrets. This is a mystery novel.

Carina Press's own Shannon Stacey is at #97 with All He Ever Dreamed.

Self published author, Kathleen Brooks is at #103 with Acquiring Trouble.

Self published author, Michelle A. Valentine is at #106 with Rock the Band.

Self published author, Kristen Proby is at #116 with Fight With Me.

Self published author, Kendall Ryan is at #126 with Hard to Love.

Book that may hit a list in the future:

Fate Interrupted is the first book in the Fate Interrupted series but debut self published author Kaitlyn Cross. Fate Interrupted doesn't have a large amount of reviews yet, but it's rising up the romance chart at Amazon. It's a 230 pages book priced at .99 cents, which should appeal to readers with the typical handsome, man ho, won't take the word "no" hero and the heroine who is willing to give him a chance, until dum dum dum... something in his past rocks the foundation of their love affair.

One Amazon reviewer says: "This was a different book than I imagined. I was thinking romance and sexiness. Dean was a cool guy and Evy was a shy cool chick. Her sister made the book in my opinion. She was hilarious. Typical male ho bag who meets nice girl." *I chuckled over the man ho bag mention*

But then Goodreads review Shelly says: "What we have here is an insta- love attraction which holds no merit. The main protagonists lack character development and the prose is littered with clich├ęd eye rolling similes with a couple crackers that made my toes curl." 

...and this quote from the novel had me dying: "...his erection searching for a way out of his jeans like a whale trapped beneath a sheet of ice." *comparing the hero's penis to a whale is so not sexy, IMO* THAR HE BLOWS INTO THE HEROINE'S FISHY MOIST CAVERN!

And there you have it, your top charting books of the week!