Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guest Author Post: Rachel Green and For the Love Of Canes

Quite apart from those who wish to role-play school scenes or the Victorian era, many corporal punishment practitioners love caning for the sheer adrenaline shock it pumps into the system. I know several dominants who advocate the use of the cane purely for punishment. There is nothing quite like it for beating a point across for some real or imagined infraction, and their submissives wouldn’t have it any other way. There is nothing quite like six of the best to encourage a male submissive to remember to put the toilet seat down in future. Mind you, as a dominant, I wouldn't allow them to stand when using the facilities at all, but that's a subject for another discussion.

I remember the first cane I bought, a thin whippy rattan that stung with every strike, but eventually became more work to wield than it was worth. I was introduced to the delights of dragon canes (rattan again, though a little thicker) by an old friend and took to them like an old school ma’am. From those two canes my cases have grown to encompass models in nylon and carbon fibre, right up to the inch thick canes that I use in the sport of stick fighting. Canes can become addictive. Most of my canes are in pairs and are used for drumming, an intense sensation similar to a heavy massage with canes.

I use canes as a method of relaxation. I start off gently, caressing with them before building it up to full intensity. A submissive can probably take more from canes than any other toy, and they are certainly the implement, other than one intended for insertion, most likely to give an orgasm if used lightly on my pubic mound. It removes any tension far more effectively than any massage the slow build up encourages a serious amount of pain. They can hurt, too, and a heavier strike will pull the submissive out of their reverie, sharp enough to remind me who is in charge. I’ve even known people to fall asleep under their caress, happy and contented.

The feel of cane against bare skin, the sting of pain, the intense fire if the cane is left pressed against the skin where it landed before raising it for the next stroke can be the most intense of BDSM experiences. Not as flashy as fireplay, as immediate as singletails or as downright terrifying as submersion perhaps, but in the hands of a skilful top it can become the most glorious dance between the participants. Within a short time endorphins will be coursing through the recipient until they crave the next stroke and want to feel the cane bite into them.

If I show you the rattan will you follow?

Many of the characters in my novels engage in BDSM activities, and their attitudes to the subject are based on observations made in the real-life scene. Mistress Joan from Screaming Yellow and White Lies isn't based on a particular person, but several of my friends and acquaintances might recognise traits they share with her. Similarly Master Robert, Richard and, indeed, Meinwen herself, though I shall deny any observation of the similarities between the middle-aged, red-haired Welshwoman and myself.

I try to make the scenes in my novels as real as I can, often down to the sudden attack of cramp during a bondage session and the very real limits people have when they walk the tightrope between pleasure and pain, and just how far someone will go to serve their dominant or loved ones.

Take a tour of Laverstone and see for yourself what life as a submissive could be like.

Rachel Green's Screaming Yellow and White Lies are erotic murder-mysteries and her Sons of Angel is urban fantasy.


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