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2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Jolie Du Pre on Older Woman-Younger Woman

The first book in The M Series is Litria, a horror/paranormal novella that includes lesbian romance. However, my lovers are not two females - just one.

Brenda is a human female. Litria is a female looking monster. You see, Litria looks human, but she's not human. She's an Zxxtergin. The definition of an Zxxtergin is found at Pseudodictionary. (

Brenda is in her late 30s. Litria is only 18. When Brenda meets Litria, Litria pretends she’s a 21-year-old human.

The age difference is an issue for Brenda.

Excerpt from LITRIA:

“Inside the police station stood Mary. Big Mary they called her. It wasn’t that she was obese. It was because Mary stood over six feet at a muscular 175 pounds. She wore her black hair ultra short, and she always wore the same basic clothing style-dark slacks and a white polo. Sometimes, one of the guys in the station would challenge Mary to an arm wrestle. She would always win, but it didn’t stop them from trying.

Mary was out and proud, and as far as Brenda knew, she was the only lesbian in the office. According to Mary, however, there were two lesbians in the office. As much as Brenda insisted that she was bisexual, Mary didn’t buy it. After a while, Brenda stopped trying to convince her. She and Mary were good friends despite their differences of opinion about Brenda’s sexuality.

Mary stood by the coffee pot, pouring herself a cup. She looked over at Brenda walking into the room. “My, my, don’t you look happy,” said Mary.

“Do I? I guess I had a strange evening.”

“Oh? What did Veronica do this time?” Mary chuckled as she took a sip of her coffee.

Brenda took a coffee cup out of the cabinet and looked around to make sure no one was listening. “Well, actually, she left me.”

“I’m sorry.” The expression on Mary’s face grew serious. “You okay? You seem okay.”

Brenda grinned.

“What?” Mary said.

“Well . . . now I’ve got this young blonde in my bed.”

“Oh yeah?” Mary grinned back.

“It’s not what you think. Her lover threw her out of the car, and she had no place else to go. I took her in. I don’t know how long she’s gonna be at my house, but . . .”

“Well . . . lucky you! You finally got some tail, huh?

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Mary. We didn’t do anything.”

“You didn’t bang her? Oh, come off it. This is me you’re talking to, remember? You stopped getting laid long before that witch walked out on you.”

 “Don’t diss Ronnie. It was me. This crazy job has consumed my life. Besides, the girl in my bed is too young for me. I suspect she’ll go back to her girlfriend soon enough.”

Mary chucked. “We’ll see about that. You keep me posted. I gotta get to work.”

“Yeah, get to work, you perv. I’ll catch you later.”

* * *
Which brings me to my question: Is a major age difference between two lovers a factor? Litria likes fashion, clubbing, and sex with whatever female she can find. Brenda is used to settling down with her lover and spending a quiet evening at home. Is it possible for two people of vastly different ages to connect in a healthy way?

“Some of the keys to making a May-December relationship work are to take full advantage of open communication so that you can develop trust in your partner and confidence within each other. You should be comfortable being yourself and wary of losing your individuality. After all, it’s one of the things that attracted you to each other in the first place.”

Would an older woman go back to doing things she did 20 years ago? Would a younger woman feel that her lover was more of a mother or mentor? Or would the two blend together without issues?

As a 50-year-old woman, I like the music young people listen to. I like the clothes young people wear. However, I believe my life experience would cause me to act like a mother or a mentor even without thinking about it. I don't think it’s possible for an 18-year-old to date a 37 or 38-year-old without some mothering or mentoring going on from the older woman. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that. Just saying that each woman would bring different life experience and perspective to the relationship.

* * *
Jolie du Pre ( is a full-time, published author, editor, article writer and blogger. She has short stories in over 15 books, and she’s the editor of three anthologies. Jolie is the founder and editor-in-chief of Leodegraunce (, a site for quality flash fiction of 200 words or less. She is also the founder of GLBT Promo (, a promotional blog for GLBT erotica and erotic romance. Her horror/paranormal novellas are The M Series. Book One: Litria is available now at Amazon.  Jolie loves writing, reading, traveling, cooking, running, yoga, pole dancing, Pilates, and monsters.

* * *

Who’s lurking in Layneworth?

It’s the Buscettos-a charming family who live in a nice house.

Not quite.

The Buscettos look human, but they’re not human. They’re Zxxtergins, a type of little-known monster who has roamed the Earth since the fifth century. The youngest Buscetto, beautiful eighteen-year-old Litria, is in search of gorgeous females for sex, followed by food. Her nightly behavior wrecks havoc, causing her family to fear exposure and resulting in grave concern, extra work, and late nights for Layneworth detectives.

When nude and mutilated dead women appear, almost daily, across Layneworth, Detective Brenda Martin, and her partner Robert Moretti, are on the case. The mayor, before his untimely demise, preached to beware of werewolves, and few believed him. But as the killings increase, Brenda thinks she may have more than just a serial killer on her hands. Will Brenda discover the true monsters, and what happens if she does?

* * *
Love zombies? Love vampires? Then you'll really love Zxxtergins! My horror/paranormal novella Litria - The M Series: Book One is on sale now!


Jolie du Pre said...

Thanks so much for having me at your lovely blog, KT!!

She said...

Litria sounds interesting. Certainly different. I'll need to check it out. Thanks for your insight on May-December pairings. I think you may be right. The older woman would give her insights gained from her experience to keep the younger woman from making the same mistakes but the younger woman would give her a fresh insight into what was happening in the world. It's a trade-off.

Jolie du Pre said...

Hello She,

Thanks for your perspective on the May-December thing. I think you're correct. At 50, one of the things I'm finding, however, is that younger people often don't have their lives together and are full of angst, depression and unorganization. When you offer them advice, they don't want to listen. They think they know it all. My best friend is 57. It's nice being friends with an older woman. There's none of that stuff I have to deal with with younger people.

She said...


You are right about young people. At 55 if I haven't done it, I've read about it and formed an opinion, but no one wants to listen. It is easier to form relationships when there is none of the youthful angst and drama. I want to have fun and be comfortable. No more histronics for me. ;)

Jolie du Pre said...

Great! Then you get where I'm coming from! I like to write about younger people, but I don't wish to be involved with one. LOL! (Been there, done that.) LOL!