Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Goodreads F/F Romance Group Says Hello!

Hi everyone and thank you KT, for asking me to write a post for this year's lesbian appreciation event. I'd just like to start with saying I'm not a writer in any way, shape or form, I'm just a humble reader feeling slightly scared at being surrounded by all these amazing authors. Ok, so why did KT ask me to write a post? 

Because myself and my co-moderators Mistik and MissyGirl (as they’re known on Goodreads) started up the F/F Romance group on Goodreads at the end of September 2012. We wanted to create a space for those who love to read stories about women....who love women! Our mission is to gather like-minded, non-judgemental, avid readers who like to discuss our passion for the F/F romance genre. In those few months our little F/F group has grown to nearly 200 members, which includes many exciting new authors, male as well as female.

After I started really getting into reading lesbian and Bi-sexual books I thought I'd join a group on Goodreads that focused on lesbian books. No disrespect to anyone, but most non-LGBT groups don't really want to talk about lesbian books and to be honest, as soon I started talking about anything F/F I was pretty much ignored! I did however find a group that was focused on new and upcoming authors.

As much I love reading books by award winning authors there’s nothing more refreshing than reading a story by a new writer. I found loads of amazing authors and read more fantastic books, and I also found some lovely fellow F/F readers from the group sharing book recommendations, but it felt like the group was missing something - more interaction and chit chat. The group had no real direction and the moderator was unfortunately MIA so I decided to start a new group, F/F Romance group.

Each month we choose a book in the F/F romance genre to read as a group and then discuss. We try to use books by in-house authors as much as possible for this, as it is always exciting to hear directly from the author in our discussions! From time to time, we will also have buddy reads. This is where a smaller group (within our group) decides to read a book and discuss it separately from the BOTM. Usually a buddy read is good for genres that are not always universally popular in the world of romance, such as young adult, paranormal, or even erotic books!

I'm also amazed at how many readers out their love of reading F/F romance books, including many straight women. Before I started the group I thought there was a shortage of lesbian books compared to M/M but I quickly found more members adding and sharing excellent books and found an impressive amount of lesbian writers of all different genres from Paranormal to Sci-Fi, Kink to Historical, Young Adult to fairy tale. I believe word of mouth is such a strong form of advertising, as many of the books I've read have been through recommendations and from reading reviews.

In our group we have threads for in-house author book promotions, sharing blogs and favourite websites, group challenges, competitions and giveaways. We have a bookshelf/library that is ever-growing and constantly being updated with any and every F/F book we can find. We even share free books we find on Amazon and talk about lesbian films. We've also had some very interesting conversations about dreams! As much as we are focused on all things F/F we have created a group for everyone! And we do talk about pretty much anything!

It’s a genre that I now love and I can’t wait to see what books come my way in 2013. 

Happy reading 

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She said...

Thanks for the info. I'll have to get more involved in the group. I'll also have to check out your book shelves.

Jolie du Pre said...

I'm glad you're having success with your group. I believe the attitudes regarding F/F is a lot better than when I started writing it over 10 years ago.