Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Leigh Ellwood and Girl on Girl

Thanks to Katiebabs for allowing me to guest post for the second Lesbian Appreciation Week! 

In recent years, I have noticed after tallying my book sales that my lesbian erotic stories have sold better than other genres I write. This information has certainly inspired me to further pursue lesbian romance and erotica, though I'll continue to write what I enjoy. 

Some of my readers may be aware, also, of my contributions to Coming Together, a non-profit organization that publishes charity anthologies and shorts that have benefited many causes. When you buy an eBook or print from the Coming Together imprints, you'll know that neither the publisher nor the authors receive monetary compensation - everything goes to the people who need it. I've wanted to contribute more to Coming Together, and I came up with an idea.

Alessia Brio, who heads up Coming Together (and who is also an author of lesbian romance), once told me she shied from exclusive gay anthologies because she preferred diversity in the books. To her credit, Coming Together books have won much acclaim and awards - two have been chosen RT BookClub Top Picks. When I pitched the possibility of an all lesbian anthology, she was interested enough to let me have a crack at editing it. So Coming Together: Girl on Girl will bow in the Summer of 2013, with profits going to the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

I chose NCLR as the charity because I have donated to them in the past, and I have been touched by their stories of the people they strive to help. Recently three states have legalized same-sex marriage, yet we still hear of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans couples who face hardships with regards to civil rights. I'm reminded of the TV movie "If These Walls Could Talk 2," in particular a scene where an older woman is denied admission to her partner's hospital room as the other woman is dying. Given the time period, the women kept the true nature of their relationship secret, and as a result lost so much. I can't imagine anybody denied the opportunity to be with loved ones during illness or tragedy, regardless of creed or orientation.

Anyway, the submission guidelines for Girl on Girl are up at ( I would love to see submissions from authors who write F/F or who have considered it. Sub-genres of lesbian erotica and erotic romance are considered, and I'm open to questions about submissions. Thanks!

Leigh Ellwood


Jolie du Pre said...

I don't submit to anthos anymore, but Alessia does a great job with hers!

leniking1 said...

I would be interested in a charitable contribution.

She said...

I'll be looking for Coming Together: Girl on Girl. Sounds like a good cause.

Kat L. said...

Thanks! I am still actively seeking submissions. Please pass the guidelines along to anybody interested.