Sunday, December 23, 2012

WTFckery or Not? You Decide

Some eye popping WTFckery ahoy!

1. I can always count on WTFckery books for a good laugh. These come via Penny Watson who I can always count on to keep her eye out on the strangest WTF books.

Perfect for Winter reading:

Synopsis: When a boyfriend fails to fulfill his sexual duties, sometimes the only option is to turn to the cold embrace of a snowman.

Goodreads reviews are very positive for this snowman erotica. One reviewer says: "I gotta get me some snowman sex.

Apparently 10 inch snow dicks are way better than the real thing. Who would have thought?

Most memorable wtf quote: "marinating in my fluids"

Because everyone woman should have their own little robot buddy to make them happy:

Synopsis: James' wife is in for a surprise when he returns home with a shiny, new robot body. One capable of pleasuring her in new and precise ways.

2. The Craiglist ads for the Mayan Apocalypse that didn't happen are a real hoot. From Gizmodo:

3. 2013 is the year when anatomical kitchen tools become the latest craze. From Io9:

"Christine Chin's Sentient Kitchen imagines cooking utensils with both the form and function of human body parts. They'll be a huge help come dinnertime—if you can get past the way they look." This is a sensitive salt shaker. Do I even want to know what body part this is molded after?

4. The picture here explains it all. To find out what exact this is and what it does, check out Fleshbot (NSFW)

5. The perfect cake for any holiday party. From Cakewrecks:

6. Lobster iPhone case anyone? From CNET:
7. Putting the mack daddy into the belt buckle. From Gizmodo:

Sold for $80

"This is a limited edition McDonald's brass Big Mac belt buckle. On the back it says Limited Edition and Copyright 1975 McDonald's Systems Inc. It is still in very good condition."

8. Are you ready to pay $6-$8 a gallon for milk? It could happen starting next month. From NY Daily News:

"Sen. Schumer: Milk prices could double if Congress doesn't pass new farm bill Current farm bill, which dates to 2008, expired Sept. 30; a replacement has cleared the Senate but not the House of Representatives.  The Agricultural Act of 1949 contains the basic provisions for setting milk prices. The act is superseded every time a new farm bill is passed, but if no new bill or extension is passed the old act goes back into effect.

Jim Mitchell, a 63-year-old artist from Milwaukee, said his family of four goes through at least a gallon of milk a day but might switch to soy or almond milk.

"They're usually more expensive," he said, "but if milk goes to $6 a gallon, all of a sudden they'd be affordable."

"Or we might have to buy our own cow," his wife, Melissa, joked."

9. Not necessarily a WTFckery but still make you take a second glance. I think of stingray when I see this chair. From Gizmodo:

"Supported by a small army of 90 elastic rods, the seat on this 1001 chair feels like it's magically floating in place while it contorts and conforms to your body."

10. Your Regretsy WTFckery really makes me gag. I wish I never saw these things. So since I've been eye tortured, why not you as well? Human chicken nuggets?

Hope you have enjoyed this week's best in WTFckery!



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