Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All I Want for Christmas Is a Duke Blog Stop *Contest*

Two SCANDALOUS reads, one low price of .99 cents!
What historical figure would you like to have a Sexy Christmas with?

Maire: Lord Byron in his younger days. He was absolutely insane, but LOVED women. He was very sensual, exciting, and LOVED a good time. You just had to avoid him on his pistol wielding days. :D

Delilah: I would totally say Casanova in his younger years.  The guy is one of my favorite historical figures.  He was brilliant.  He was everything from a chemist to a soldier and mathematician and knew countless languages.  The reason why he was known as the greatest lover of all time really had to do with the fact that he was good at entertaining women not just in the bedroom but outside of it.  That's what I'm talking about!

You both write sexy romance. What inspired you to write a Christmas Anthology?
Maire: My first full length novel, The Dark Lady, is coming out in February but I ALWAYS wanted to work with Delilah. She's been my long time friend and critique partner. She's the sister I never had, and we decided what better way to celebrate Christmas that to  write a story together.

Delilah: I've *always* wanted to write a Christmas story and when I got to talking to my own CP and closest friend, Maire, I knew we had to do something together.  We've struggled together as writers and been through a lot together, so this was like spreading that Christmas cheer in a very special way and creating something special together. 

Are you naughty or are you nice? 
Maire: I used to be much naughtier!!! Now, I'm very nice and leave all my naughty to my characters. After all, how else can a girl get something besides coal in her stocking.

Delilah: Do I have to pick?  Because I have a tendency to flip flop between the two,depending on my mood.  Ask my husband. 

Mulled wine or Eggnog and who would you drink it with RIGHT NOW?
Maire: Mulled wine. I LOVE THE SPICES!!! They just roll over your tongue. And I would absolutely drink it with Delilah if I could. 

Delilah: Eggnog spiked with lots of brandy and I would totally drink it with the fabulous Maire Claremont right here and right now because the girl is always fabulous at making me laugh.

What is the sexiest thing about your hero?
Maire: His voice. It’s so deep and delicious. Also, I have to say, I love how he is willing to  completely go to the mat for the heroine.

Delilah:  How incredibly compassionate he is. Martin feels things deeply and that, in turns, creates one of the sexiest aspects about him: compassion. 


In honor of  the release of All I Want for Christmas is a Duke, Entangled Publishing is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card. For your chance to win, leave a comment here by midnight,Thursday, 12/20.


erin said...

Thanks for the lovely interview and congrats to the ladies on the newest release! Sounds fantastic :)

May said...

Congrats on your release!

Sounds like a wonderful book that I would love to read!

Dot S.( said...

I wouldn't mind a Duke for Chritmas. He sounds delish. Nice interview, thanks for the chance to win.

Readsalot81 said...

I've read All I want for Christmas is a Duke and I absolutely loved it ladies! Thank you so much for putting out a great read!:)

Congrats on the release!

Rebe said...

I definitely prefer mulled wine to eggnog, lol! Not a big fan of eggnog, mainly because it's sooooo rich....

Di said...

this is so interesting that two authors wrote this book together - I'm curious to see if I can tell any difference in the writing style.
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Arely ZPerez said...

Wow, thanks so much!!


Eva said...

Really want to read this book!

Thank you for the giveaway!


Chrisbails said...

Great post and interview. Love finding out stuff about authors I like. Makes them seem more real. Looking forward to reading this book, love Delilah's boooks. thanks for the awesome giveaway.
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Barbara E. said...

I'd love a Duke for Christmas too, or at least a book about a Duke. :D This sounds like a great book and I'm looking forward to reading All I Want for Christmas is a Duke.

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kipha said...

Thanks so much!! I can't wait for this book to come out. t sounds so good and the cover is just lovely~!


JenM said...

How lovely to be able to write a book with a good friend. That must have been fun.


Mary Preston said...

Please feel free to send a Duke my way for Christmas. A fun post thank you.