Saturday, November 3, 2012

The WTFckery That's Hurricane Sandy

Seaside Heights post Hurricane Sandy

My usual WTFckery weekend post is on hold because of the devastation Hurricane Sandy has caused the NYC, Tri-State area, specifically New Jersey, my home state. I was one of the lucky few to not have lost power, but it's been almost a week without cable, phone and internet. If not for my iPhone and the radio, I would be cut off from all news. I'm not sure when I'll be getting it all back, so updating my blog maybe far and few between. I will never, ever taken anything for granted ever again and that means electricity, running water and the shelter over my head.

My heart bleeds for those who have lost so much do to this WTFckery of a storm, especially the Jersey Shore where I spent so many of my summers on vacation or on day trips. I live less than 90 minutes away from the hardest hit area which include Seaside Heights, Ortley Beach and Long Branch.

This past summer I went down to the shore a handful of times, specifically Seaside Heights and Long Branch with friends. We counted ourselves so lucky to have this beach oasis so close to home. Seaside Heights is were I ate my first frozen custard, played the spin the wheel boardwalk games where I won boxes of candy, gorged myself silly on funnel cake that I couldn't move and was brave enough to ride the famous Casino Pier mouse rollercoaster. I celebrated many twenty-first birthdays, including bachelorette parties at the various clubs and bars there. I enjoyed so many of NJ's finest cover bands and bonded with so many people, most strangers because of us being proud, native New Jerseyians.

This is the rollercoster I've ridden on many times, now in the ocean

This area, specifically the Seaside Heights' boardwalk had been annihilated and all I have to remember are those three decades of memories I'll cherish forever.

I'm a born and bred New Jersey girl, and what this bitch Sandy has done to my state and people has made me hurt, rage, cry... everything you can think of. It's going to take a very long time to recover from what Sandy has done. But New Jerseyians are a resilient bunch and we will overcome this travesty.

This past summer I ended up at Long Branch twice. The first time I was there was for Mother's Day for brunch at McLoone's Restaurant that's literally on the beach in the Pier Village section filled with wonderful stores, restaurants and condos. That day was a near perfect day with blue skies and puffy white clouds. I fear the Pier Village and McLoone's has been washed away, never to return to the greatness it once was

Below are pictures I took a few years ago of Long Branch and a day I spent there. Knowing this beach and boardwalk might be gone, guts me in the heart. Knowing the Jersey Shore may never recover makes me want to break down in tears and rage.

I hope those affected by Hurricane Sandy have a strong will and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.



Louisa Bacio said...


So heartbreaking to see that devastation. I hadn't seen the image of the roller coaster in the ocean yet. My heart goes out to you, and those who have lost so much more. It's true that I cannot imagine the devastation. It's so hard to comprehend.

Sending you much support and strength.