Monday, November 26, 2012

Announcing the 2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event!

Last year I held a 2 week event in January promoting everything great about the Lesbian literary genre from the authors who write it, to the publishers who publish it, as well as the bloggers who promote it and the fans, aka the readers who love reading Lesbian fiction. I did this in response to the belief that Lesbian fiction doesn't sell well and authors who write Lesbian literature don't make any money.

The 2012 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event was a great success, more so than I could have ever imagined. Click here to see an overview of the guest posts and the amount of traffic I had on my blog during the two weeks of the event. Because the event last year was such a success, I've decided to hold the event again, staring Sunday 1/6/13, and if I get enough interest again, it will run until Saturday 1/19/13. My plan is to have 2 posts a day for the next 14 days.

Say hello to the new banner that was created by Kenda Montgomery aka @kmont, the very artistic woman who also runs the blogs, Lurve Ala Mode and the foodie blog, Full Ford Ahead.

Writing Lesbian romance continues to be very profitable for me. Based on all my Lesbian romances combined, I have made a nice sum of money, on par with my straight titles. When I decided to self publish, I ended up self publishing 3 short lesbian type romances instead of writing something that might be more mainstream. All 3 of my self published lesbian shorts are .99 cents and they are selling close or near to what I would make if I had published them with an epublisher. My goal in the next coming years is to publish more Lesbian literature, most likely romance.

As of next year I will have three Lesbian Romances released. This is the first time I'm announcing them.

In June 2013, my Lesbian Paranormal Romance featuring vampires and werewolves will be released with Lyrical Press. When I asked Lyrical if they would be interested in a Lesbian Paranormal Romance, they said yes and within weeks they accepted my book.

A few months ago, Ravenous Romance, my main publisher where I publish most of my Lesbian romances (and by far, the most profitable of any publisher I work with) asked if I would not only be interested in publishing one, but two lesbian romances. I accepted. In early summer 2013 I will have a Lesbian Historical romance released, and in late winter 2013 another Lesbian historical romance that is part of my Princess  Bride Pirate series.

The more I write and publish Lesbian romance, the more money I make. There's a good possibility that in 5 years, and if I continue to publish more lesbian romance at say two books a year, I'll be making close to 5 figures. For some this might seem like a low number, but for myself, to make any money, let alone thousands on any of my books was an unreachable dream. I'm doing that, and each year I continue to  make more money.

I feel the Lesbian genre for the most part is ignored and not treated as an equal, especially regarding GLBT genre and when it comes to M/M, gay romance. Also, transgender romance is barely mentioned at all. When did GLBT just become "G"? What has happened to the LBT?

Someone once told me it's all about baby steps and I believe this is happening, especially with Lesbian fiction. To be honest when I heard RT Book Reviews was finally going to review GLBT romance, I thought it would only be M/M Gay romance (mainly in part because of JR Ward publishing a mainstream M/M romance with Lover at Last that will be released March 2013). Well, I was mistaken and spoke too soon. Last month RT Book Reviews started reviewing GLBT romance in their magazine. This month I received the January 2013 edition, and I found a review under their Erotic section that shocked me silly.

RT Book Reviews reviewed a Lesbian romance for the first time in the 31 year history of the publication of their magazine, which happened to be my latest release, Cinderella and the Lady. No words can explain how I felt upon seeing this. Regardless of my book being reviewed, it's a start of something that can't be ignored and shows great strides are being made. I'm hoping to see more Lesbian fiction reviewed not only in RT Book Reviews, but elsewhere such as on blogs and perhaps other review publications. There's even a F/F, Lesbian Romance group on Goodreads that was started a few months ago for those who enjoy reading Lesbian fiction.

This is my call for anyone who would like to participate in this year's Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event to contact me at katiebabsg at gmail dot com. I'm hoping to have an overflow of posts, like last year. This is open to authors, publishers, bloggers and readers who love Lesbian fiction and want to get the word out about it and why Lesbian fiction and those who write it, publish it and reader it should be respected and recognized.



Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Saw your announcement on Beyond Her Book. Nice going on the review. I love the logo for your event- very eye-catching. I will confess to having never read a lesbian romance. Honestly, it just doesn't appeal to me, but neither do time travel romances either. Still I believe that every reader should be able to find romance reads that appeal to their tastes. Good luck with your event!

KB/KT Grant said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for something by even though you don't read lesbian romance. :)

lamplightandink said...

I recently noticed that Musa Publishing started a line of GBLT fiction. Their first release was a novella Phoenix by Jennifer Mason-Black. This seems like such an obvious market and I hope it grows, but I also think that GBLT fiction is such a natural extension of the romance genre and we should be seeing more of it from all publishers.

fc1b2f40-5d00-11e2-9930-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Too bad I stumbled upon this a little late. My first novel is being released at the end of this month. It's a lesbian romance titled, "Broken Star."

Suzanne Stroh said...

So sorry I missed this. I learned about it just now on a link from Lesbian Meets Book NYC, whose online reports I always enjoy and look forward to. I was deluged with work in January, but perhaps I can participate next year.

KB/KT Grant said...

Hi Suzanne! You're more than welcome to participate next year and I'm always open for authors to do guest posts on my blog, so if you're interested, please contact me.