Thursday, October 4, 2012

Books Read for September 2012 and Itty Bitty Kitty Keeps Watch

Here are the books I've read for September 2012:

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole- B+
Deception by Denise Mina- B
The Second Seduction of a Lady by Miranda Neville- B
Not Proper Enough by Carolyn Jewel-C+
Warm Hearts by Barbara Delinsky- C+
Gilded by Karina Cooper- C
In a Fix by Linda Grimes- C
Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley- C
Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady by Tiffany Clare- DNF
Velveteen by Daniel Marks- DNF

Kindle Reads:
Lumberjack in Love by Penny Watson- B+ ($2.99)
The Wild One by Dainelle Harmon- B (free)
The Conqueror’s Dilemma by Elizabeth Bailey- B (free)
One Dublin Street by Samantha Young- B ($3.99)
DeButy and the Beast by Linda Jones- B- (free)
The Decorator’s Dream by Morgan Willows- B- (free)
Her Teddy Bear by Mimi Strong- C+ (free)
Consequences by Aleatha Romig- C ($3.03)
Burning Love by Sable Hunter- DNF (free)
Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec- DNF ($2.99) *Beware, this is former Twilight fan fiction once known as The Vagina Monologues by jtmd24*
The TBR table and box pile is pretty scary...

Mho wants to give a shot out to Ms. KT Grant and her book, Xavier's Loving Arms that's now available in print! You can purchase your own print copy at Amazon (click here). This one is about a young woman who's still recovering from the aftermath of having an eating disorder for years. Becca is in a dark place, but then she meets the man of her dreams, named Xavier. Also fun times happen with some chocolate and vanilla ice pops. As to what those fun times are with ice cream, you'll have to read the book to find out ;)

Debut author alert here! Secrets of Wedding Night (Secret Brides #1) by Valerie Bowman has just been released from St. Martin's last week. Mho sure does love historical romance.Lots of seduction by a duke and whatnot occurs.

Synopsis: Young, widowed, and penniless, Lily Andrews, the Countess of Merrill,has strong opinions on marriage. When she spots a certain engagement announcement in The Times, she decides to take action. She will not allow another hapless girlto fall prey to a man—particularly the scoundrel who broke her heart five years ago. Anonymously she writes and distributes a pamphlet entitled “Secrets of a Wedding Night,” knowing it will find its way into his intended’s innocent hands…

Devon Morgan, the Marquis of Colton, desires a good wife and mother to his son—someone completely unlike Lily Andrews, the heartless beauty who led him on a merry chase five years ago only to reject him. When Devon’s new fiancée cries off after reading a certain scandalous pamphlet, he vows to track down the author and make her pay. But when he learns it’s his former fiancée Lily, he issues a challenge: write a retractionor prepare to be seduced—to find out how wonderful a wedding night can be.

Looks like another debut author, but it's not Lori Austin is also known as Lori Handeland. It's been a while since Mho has read a Western Romance. Beauty and the Bounty Hunter was released this week also from St. Martin's.

Synopsis: Cathleen Chase is no killer—but as Cat O’Banyon, she is a ruthless bounty hunter who always gets her man. Catching one lowlife after another, she continues her search for the only man she really cares to locate. The one whose voice she will never forget; the man who murdered her husband. She’ll stop at nothing to find him. Con artist Alexi Romanov taught Cat every trick she knows.  He is a master of deceit, disguise, and desire. He’s difficult to trust, and even more difficult to resist, but he has news she can’t ignore. The man she’s after has placed a bounty on her head. To get him before he gets her, she’ll have to team up with Alexi again....And just like before, the two of them together are nothing but trouble

And say hello to Itty Bitty! When she's not guarding the monster TBR pile or chasing Mho around, she likes to chill in Mommy KB's bed. Cute kittie pictures makes any blog post so much better, doesn't it?



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