Sunday, September 23, 2012

WTFckery or Not? You Decide

Some shocking and ewww WTFckery coming your way!
1. WTFckery book covers and titles never get old:

Breed me doctor!

“I’m going to breed you,” he said. He was blunt and Stephanie needed that in her life. No more games. She wanted things straight to business.

And she finally found the man who could give that to her.

A man who could understand her body.

A man who could breed her.

Stephanie nodded at him. “Yes… breed me… doctor…”

The part about the fornicating forest sold me:

Synopsis: Snow White was an innocent Princess whose virginity was to be auctioned off to the richest or most desperate prince until she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Escaping to the Fornicating Forest, Snow meets seven short sisters who decide to help the princess find her worth. An interlude with a horny huntsman teaches her one lesson until she finally finds her Prince.

Sweet shape shifting dolphin lurve!

Synopsis: Sean Morita and Emery Nadel are about to find out that sometimes true love is more than a lucky fluke when you meet Accidentally on Porpoise.

Sean didn’t expect to run into—and nearly over—Mr. Right while out in his boat. He’s thankful the naked hunk isn’t badly hurt. He’s even more thankful the naked hunk wants to go home with him. Although when Mr. Right claims to be a dolphin, Sean wonders how hard he got hit in the head. If Emery hadn’t been so busy chasing another tail—literally—he wouldn’t have done something so stupid as running straight into the path of a boat. Lucky for him that Sean, the boat’s owner, is even hunkier than the piece of dolphin tail he’d been chasing.

Unfortunately, Emery’s pod thinks he should stick to his own kind. There are those who would try to hurt Sean if Emery won’t let him go. Can Emery protect the man he loves?

2. Seriously, women want to experience this all over again? From HuffPo Weird News:

Artificial Hymens: Kits 'Restore Your Virginity In Five Minutes
 "The Artificial Hymen Kit, made internationally available by, promises to "restore your virginity in five minutes." For about $30, women can buy a packet of fake blood and "membrane" from Hong Kong that's supposed to be utilized -- secretly -- during sex.

The site implies that the shocking product will save marriages by allowing women to trick their significant others into thinking they still have a hymen.

"Kiss your deep dark secret goodbye and marry in confidence," the site reads. "Have your first night back anytime!"

3. This one comes from Allison Pang and it speaks for itself. No snarky comment needed:

4. Now why did I think of buying these $208 built in A/C pants at the height of the steamy summer? From Gizmodo:

"If you’re looking to complement your air-conditioned shirt with a pair of pants to help keep your bottom half cool in the summer heat then Japanese company Kuchofuku has you covered. The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling pants feature two battery-powered fans to direct a refreshing flow of air onto your legs and nether regions.

The cooling hardware hangs in dedicated pockets sewn into the outer thigh of the pants and is lightweight enough to not burden the wearer too much. The pants are made from a 65 percent polyester, 35 percent cotton blend and are available in M, L, 2L and XL sizes, to fit waists from 108 to 129 cm (42.5 to 50.8 inches). Color choices are somewhat limited with only a light khaki green available."

5. Hungry anyone? I've heard of this before, but really didn't want the reminder. From HuffPo Science:

Placenta: To Eat or Not To Eat?

"Women, mainly in the United States, are lately announcing that they will eat placenta as part of their childbirth experience. They expect to experience major health benefits like prevented or reduced postpartum depression. A couple of celebrities mentioned it and that brought placentophagia into the spotlight. What's going on? "Placentophagia" pertains to ingestion of placenta, fluids, and tissues by mothers during delivery. The behavior, which is almost universal among nonhuman mammals (whales and dolphins are exceptions), is virtually absent in human cultures, past and present.

Women, reporting encouragement by doulas and midwives and aided by unverified web information, are deciding to ingest placenta at delivery. They eat it raw, cooked, blended into smoothies, or dried and encapsulated, in order to prevent or reduce negative aspects of childbirth, such as postpartum depression, "baby blues," fatigue, lactational insufficiency and hormone deficiencies."

6. My Little Pony will never be the same. Creepy McCreepster My Little Pony. *shudder, who comes up with this?* From Io9:

"This 2008 custom sculpture by Wrenniepooh is a completely unintentional forerunner to said character. As the sculptor notes, "The tear ducts and inner lids were glossed with a thick layer of Aleene's Paper Glaze for a wet look. The 'eyelashes' are natural horsehair."

Created for the Horror/Gore custom swap help at the MLPArena. This pony was made fom a baity G3 October Dreams birthstone pony who had her jewel cut out. I smoothed over the pony's eyes, neck seam, tail and hair plug holes with Apoxy Clay. Real glass taxidermy eyes of various types where used, super glued to the pony, then sculpted eyelids added using Apoxy Clay. I used a thin sewing needle to add tiny holes for "eyelashes" to be inserted into later."

7. Obviously a duck. From Cake Wrecks:

8. Because we all want a glow in the dark dragon from a Disney movie on our wall. But very impressively done, very life like. From Paper Mache Blog:

9. This video called, The Poptart Tragedy is beyond strange, but made me giggle. Tell me what you think:

How does one hide a ring in a Poprtart?

10. And your Regretsy WTFckery says, roar!



JM Cartwright said...

Whoa. The doctor/breeder sounds a little creepy. And I don't know what to say about the porpoise other than: oh, my.

Thanks for the chuckles - and making my eyes pop - on a Sunday morning.