Friday, September 21, 2012

To Help You Start Your Weekend... The Wacky, Fun and Happy Bathing Baby Hippos

As we start the weekend some interesting, wacky and fun things to celebrate the end of the long week!

1. Lori Foster is having a blog tour for her new release, Run the Risk starting October 1st. There's a great contest going on where you can come up with a creative caption for the cover art for Lori's Run the Risk. The winner gets an incredible prize- A Trip to West Chester, Ohio to Meet Lori Foster at her 2013 Annual Reader & Author Get Together.

To ENTER: Submit a creative caption for the cover art of Lori Foster’s RUN THE RISK. You can vote once per day your favorite entries. The contest runs until October 1st and you can find out how to enter and win by clicking on Harlequin's Facebook or through Lori's website.

2. Speaking of meeting authors, both Tiffany Riesz and Andrew Shaffer are hosting an event tomorrow night in NYC. It's known as the Original Sinners Meetup from 5-7pm at a bar called Dempsey's Pub down in the East Village with food, drinks and most likely very interesting conversation. I expect a lot of laughs and discussions about floggers, whips and tea bags, because with Tiffany and Andrew, you never know! You can click here to RSVP to the invite.

3. I can always count on Julie from Yummy Men, Kick Ass Chicks to keep me updated on the most LOL hilarious Damn You, Auto Corrects. This one had me in stitches. And yes, the moment I read scrible virgin, I thought of the Scribe Virgin from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I know find myself going around say, dear scrible virgin!

4. I had no clue Maru had his own blog! Major squeeing here. You can spend hours here dying from the cuteness that is Maru!

5. I was slow on the up take but I had no idea what Gangnam Style was or who Psy was. And then I say the SNL skit last week where they poke fun at the song and I ended up over on You Tube, watched the video and now I'm a total Gangnam Style fan girl. This Korean pop dance song is the ultimate earworm and the video is too awesome for words. It should get best music video of the year. I think the horses really make the video.

Over 227 million have seen this video.

Now don't hate me if you can't get the song out of your head or you start doing the Gangnam Style dance.

Happy bathing baby hippo says, Happy Friday ya'll!