Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New York Comic Con Is Almost here and My Old Navy 90210 Wonder Woman Style

One of my favorite events is coming to New York next month from October 11-14th at the Javits Center in New York City. This is the same place that has Book Expo America. It's New York Comic Con ya'll!

This will be my 4th year attending. Each year has been a total blast. I must admit I'm not big on comic books in general, but I go more for the literary guests, author and publisher panels and television and movie screenings and panels if I can get into them.

I was able to get a press pass like I did last year. The only thing the press pass gets me is that I go for free. I can't jump ahead in line or make appointments to interview any celebrities unless I track them down myself.

I'm beyond stoked that the main cast of this season's Walking Dead will be in attendance and doing a panel. And it's even better because the new season of The Walking Dead begin that Sunday night, 10/15 on AMC at 9pm. The Walking Dead is my television crack. I will get in this panel! I'm tenacious that way. And we all remember how I was able to get into the Conan the Barbarian panel to meet Jason "Moobs" Momoa.

This year I had planned on going on Friday because Anne Rice is going to be there, but I have another commitment so I can only go on Saturday. *KB pout*. I so wanted to have the change to talk to Anne about scaring me because of those Sleeping Beauty books she wrote, as well as thank her for all big influence on paranormal fiction.

Comic Con is great fun for the entire family! Elmo is going to be there and the original Batman and Robin from the 1960's show will be there also. For some reason some Giant football player is there as an Entertainment guest and other people you wouldn't expect to be in attendance, but when it comes to Comic Con, anything goes!

Ben Folds Five is even giving a concert there on Thursday night for those special people who can get in early (meaning me!)

Because many book publishers will be at Comic Con, they're also giving away ARCs and have author signings just like Book Expo America does. The one ARC up for grabs I'm dying to get my greedy little hands on is the sequel to Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me. Tahereh will be there on Friday signing ARCs of Unravel Me (releases in February 2013. Was originally supposed to be released this November). Hopefully HarperCollins will have extras to give out on Saturday (for me!).

For some reason Comic Con has been too forthcoming with the panels and screenings yet, but for the most part I will be going to as many as I can, mainly the author ones and the various signings. I'll take pictures and report back here, and as always, I'll have my date with me, Mho Fho. I'm also going to wear my Steampunk top hat I had created.

But that's not all! I bought an extra special T-shirt for the occasion thanks to Old Navy and their new retro/vintage line of T-shirts they're selling. I feel really old when the original Beverly Hills 90210 is on display as vintage. I can't believe this show I used to watch in high school is over twenty years old.

Have you seen the new Old Navy 90210 commercials? So awesome, words cannot describe it. Best viral ad this year!

But no, I didn't buy a Dylan McKay T-shirt. Instead I went for something better:

I'll be living it up in style at Comic Con with my Wonder Woman tee! *POW. KABLAM. PUNCH*

If you happen to be attending Comic Con on the Saturday, look for me. You won't be able to miss me in my bright pink Wonder Woman T-shirt and carrying a plush sheep (and top hat that may get me some strange looks)

Hurrah for another year of Comic Con fun!