Monday, September 10, 2012

Guest Author Post: Introducing K.M. Jackson and Her Debut Release: Through the Lens *CONTEST*

Wow, so here I am finding myself with the incredible chance to guest post over at Kate’s amazing Babbling About Books and it feels like all I can do is pretty much babble. There is no way I can actually focus, let alone talk about my first ever novel, THROUGH THE LENS which debuts…stop, breathe a moment… this week from Crimson Romance. But there it is Kate has given me the task to talk, so talk I must.  

THROUGH THE LENS is the story of Mika and Alejandro, two very of alpha individuals (I don’t do beta all that well) both trying hard to deny long buried feelings. But timing and circumstances are now making those feelings impossible to ignore. Here’s a bit about THROUGH THE LENS:

Available for $4.99
Synopsis: Mika Walters is a normal woman working in the not so normal world of New York Fashion. As long time assistant to sexy photographer Alejandro Vargas she’s tired of being the girl in the background.
After a travel mishap where the rest of the crew can’t make the remote location shoot for another three days Mika is taking her moment to catch Alejandro’s eye and put herself in front of Alejandro’s camera and if all goes to plan, his bed…
Alejandro doesn’t know what’s gotten into Mika, maybe it’s the sand, maybe it’s the sun, but he doesn’t really care. All he knows is that he’s finally opened his eyes and is seeing her clearly for the first time as the smart, gorgeous and incredibly irresistible woman she is.
But why can’t she realize that what he’s feeling for her is not one of his usual one, well, three night stands? What’s it going to take for him to prove to Mika that she’s the woman he wants?
Now and forever.

There were a few things that pulled me to writing this story. The first and most simple at the time was probably the need to get away. As the mother of teenage twins, I love a good escape and have always enjoyed a story that takes me away from my everyday hectic world. Honestly, it’s been that way since I was a young girl and was sneaking my grandmother’s forbidden Harlequins from the back shelf of her bed. You just know that since they were off limits there was no way I was not reading those books. They were practically calling my name with their intriguing covers full of promises of passions to come. 

Another reason for writing this story was that it took me, though loosely, to my past last life in the fashion world. You see, before I was a stay at home mother and a full time writer I was a women’s sportswear designer. I worked in the New York fashion world for ten years so I know what it’s like to be a regular women and sometimes feel a little on the outside of the ‘norm’.  I could easily imagine how Mika could sometimes feel the urge to be the one that Alejandro was looking at with such admiration and longing especially when she was fighting the same feelings for him.

I left the world of fashion when my children were in grade school. The heavy schedule and the travel did not mix for me with my twins.  Especially after I lost the perfect babysitter and no longer had after school care. I tried my hand at freelancing for a while and not long after that I sat down to write my first romance. And then BAM! Over 10 years and 6 or maybe it’s 7 (I’d swear there is one that I’ve completely blocked) full manuscripts later and so many rejections, if I’d have saved them all I’d be perfect for an episode of Hoarders, I’m now debuting my first novel. Can you say overnight success? Not.

But really, I couldn’t be happier. THROUGH THE LENS is the first in what I’m calling my Creative Hearts series. Crimson has just contracted the next two in the series. These next two will be stand alone books like THROUGH THE LENS but have characters that you will meet in each of the preceding books that all have creative jobs and come from New York.

It’s thrilling and a little scary but I’m going all in. Babbling my way through. Thanks so much to Katie for letting me hang out here today.

K.M. Jackson

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K.M. is giving away an ebook copy of Through the Lens. If you enjoy reading ebooks, this contest is for you! In order for your chance to win, leave a comment here for K.M, by Saturday, 9/15. This is open for anyone who likes reading ebooks!


Kwana said...

Kate thank you so much again for having me here today. It was a real honor and a treat!

pve design said...

Kwana has been such a dear friend and I am so delighted for her and her 1st book. It is great to see friend's pursue their passions.
I am one of her biggest fans.

Meredith said...

So happy for you Kwana - and a 3 book deal? WOW! Nice. I would say the wait was worth it!

Keisha Martin said...

I met Kwana via twitter I believe last year and I am glad that I did she is an honest to goodness great person and I am so happy that she is officially an author, I wish Kwana all the best and having great friends that are writers makes the journey a tad bit easier.

Lena Hart said...

Congrats again Kwana on your first sale(s)! Looking forward to reading THROUGH THE LENS :)