Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gone Girl Shakes Up the Fifty Shades Trilogy & Female Authors Are on Top and Can't be Stopped

There's been a disturbance in the force regarding the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Keep in mind the books still hold the top 3 spots on the New York Times Combined Print and Ebook list looks like they're loosing momentum on the Ebook list.

Gone Girl has overtaken the #2 spot on the ebook list, pushing down Darker and Fifty Shades of Grey, a first in months! Does this possibly mean Gone Girl could overtake the #1 spot away from EL James? Gone Girl is the #1 hardcover and it's a book that has so many people talking, as much as Fifty Shades, but the thing is Gone Girl is actually a well written, humdinger of a book that has more and more people picking it up to read because it's so good. Perhaps Gone Girl can do this before J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy is released on September 24th?

Sylvia Day's Bared to You is at #6 an on the list for 13 weeks now. Sylvia has told the USA Today she hadn't read Fifty Shades of Grey before she wrote Bared to You. Oh really? Seeing as Bared to You is eerily like Fifty Shades in many ways, I really have to wonder. Gideon Cross- Christian Grey- initials make you go hmmm?

Ellora's Cave phenom, Laurann Dohner appears back with Obsidian (#8 in the New Species) at #10 and #8 on the ebook list. I've never read Laurann, so I can't say how her books are, but she sells a massive amount of books. What is it about her writing or these books so many readers love?

There are many authors in the top ten for their first week and again women rule the NYT top 20 nest. Not a male author to be seen... Can we say WOOT, go female authors?

It's been a long time since I read a Jude Deveraux book, but she's at #17 with Stranger in the Moonlight (Edilean #7). It's #15 in paperback. Also from the blurb, this sounds like something I'd like to read.

Synopsis: An enchanting new contemporary romance set in Edilean, about two childhood friends who are reunited after years apart, only to discover that the spark they felt even as kids still remains...

When Kim Aldredge was eight, she met a twelve-year-old boy named Travis who was visiting her hometown of Edilean, Virginia with his mother. Even though they were there under mysterious circumstances, that didn’t stop the children from becoming friends. For two blissful weeks they rode bikes, played baseball, and read out loud to each other. They were ordinary things to Kim, but to Travis, they were oh-so-extraordinary. And Travis helped Kim discover her love of making jewelry, the passion that became her profession. Before he left he told her that someday he’d return, and for years Kim kept the photo of her and Travis, their arms around each other and smiling, close to her. 

Travis is now a successful attorney in Manhattan—but there are things in his life that he doesn’t want made public. And even though he’s traveled the world, he still thinks about that summer he spent in Edilean, and the girl he met there. Those weeks changed his life forever. When Travis learns that his mother has moved back to Edilean and is planning to remarry, he decides it’s time that he return as well—not just to investigate this future husband, but to finally fulfill the promise he made to Kim all those years before…

Entangled Publishing has their two authors on the list, but for some reason The Marriage Bargain is missing which I find odd, but it's #30 in paperback.

Tessa Dare's new release, A Lady at Midnight is at #30 and Alexandra Ivy's Fear the Darkness is at #31.

The only self published author on the ebook list this week is M. Leighton for the second week with The Wild Ones at #34.

Unto the USA Today best sellers...

The top ten is the same and just like the New York Times, taken over by women.

With Amazon's re-release of the former self published author, Susan Ee and her book, the fabulous, I need the sequel now or scream Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1), it appears at #32. I except Angelfall to pop up on the New York Times list in a few weeks.

And there you have it! You're best selling books of the week.



Mireya said...

re: Lauren Dohner... think Lora Leigh's early days, when she would put out a book a month... particularly the Breeds. And yes, I've read Dohner's books and that's why I am saying this.

Dohner's books may not be identical, but to an early days LL fan like myself, they have an eerily familiar "feel" to them, and no, I dont' think she's a rip off, it's just that whole thing about possessive, extreme Alpha males with animal traits trope. Dohner is pretty much filling the gap that LL left when she started writing for a big print publisher. I would definitely recommend her books to anyone that likes the early-days Lora Leigh's work.


KB/KT Grant said...

Now I can see why if indeed Dohner is like LL. Does her heroes have barbs? ;)