Sunday, August 19, 2012

WTFckery for Not? You Decide.

Welcome to this week's installment of WTFckery!

1. How about some fun with WTFckery covers and their titles?

Sex zombies? Erm... (why are zombies' skin green?)

Synopsis: Computer wizard Wesley Greensward is having a terrible day. His girlfriend is cheating, his best friend has let him down and he hates his job. Then, in a grungy motorway service café, a vision of unearthly loveliness walks into his life. It's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen... and the most beautiful man.

But while Wesley weaves an erotic fantasy about these two mysterious and delectable strangers, Luciferia and Maximillian are plotting and planning too... and their arcane scheme might mean the end of Wesley's life.

Her boobs are pretty perky, don't you think?

This is one f'ed up looking so not sexy kitty:


2. The Book That Shall Not Be Named has some major merchandizing coming. I'm still waiting for a specialty line of 50 Shade tampons. Buy 1 box, get the trilogy for %20 off! From TMZ:

"A rep for CopCorp Licensing tells TMZ, three apparel companies have just locked down the FIRST EVER licensing deals with author E.L. James to distribute "Fifty Shades"-themed clothes ... from t-shirts and hoodies ... to ladies' pantyhose, underwear, and pajamas.

According to CopCorp, FREEZE Clothing will be selling the knits, tees, and hoodies. A company called HYP will be selling hosiery, garters, and tights. And something called Briefly Stated will sell daywear, loungewear, and sleepwear (including underwear)."

3. We all know my thoughts about The Book That Shall Not Be Names, but if Matt Bomer, my new lust (pushes Ryan Reynolds to the side) and future husband ends up playing the part of Christian Grey in the movie, it gives me hope the movie won't be a big WTFckery like the trilogy was. It just may make this BDSM erotic Twilight fan fiction a respectable movie experience. But there's always someone, who may disagree, which I respect, but the way they explain their thoughts on why Matt Bomer is wrong for the role, in the case of Bret Easton Ellis, the author of American Psycho who begged to write to screenplay for Fifty Shades and was passed over, made my blood boil like you wouldn't believe. Ellis deserves the WTFckery award of the year for his bigoted remarks regard Matt Bomer's sexuality and how a gay man can't play the role of Christian Grey. From HuffPo:

"American Psycho" scribe Bret Easton Ellis slammed the possible casting of Bomer as Christian Grey as "absolutely ludicrous" because the actor is openly gay."

Perfect reason why Matt would be "perfect" in any leading role in Hollywood, romantic or otherwise:

4. Olympic rower may or may have not had something going on in his Speedo when he was given his medal. Stand at attention and be proud you won! ;) From The Gawker: 

"Henrik Rummel, the U.S. rower who appeared to be sporting a boner while receiving his bronze medal yesterday, claims that his penis was flaccid during the medal ceremony.

Rummel: This is me and I swear it's not erect! I don't know why it ended up in that position but there you go."

5. Each year the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary adds new words to the dictionary that has become common place in our lingo. These ten words chosen may make you go WTF? My favorite one is "f-bomb" From Galleycat:

Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary has added ten new words to its 2012 edition: “f-bomb,” ”aha moment,” ”man cave,” “sexting,” “gastropub,” “e-reader,” “bucket list,” “earworm,” “game changer” and “mashup.”

Maybe "WTFckery" will make the cut next year!

6. For some reason the Muppet heads in cake form icks me out. Poor Kermit on the bottom being dragged by Muppet head balloons also makes me sad From Cakewrecks:

7. Hmm Snickers. Hmm with $250k worth of meth in it? From The Consumerist:  

"U.S. customs agents are trained to catch people trying to hide stuff, which is why coating lumps of methamphetamine in chocolate and dressing them in Snickers wrappers didn't work out too well for one man accused of trying to smuggle $250,000 worth of the drugs into Japan.

Agents in California busted a 34-year-old many at Los Angeles International Airport last week as he lined up to get on a flight to Japan with the drugs in treat clothing, say prosecutors. He was sniffed out during a routine inspection of checked luggage, when agents came across a large box of suspicious looking candy bars, reports the New York Daily News."

8. These chairs would make my eyes hurt. I'd end up on the floor in a hot second. From Gizmodo: 

"This chair by designer Rasmus B. Fex is called 9,5° and I'll bet you can figure out exactly why. Despite the fact that all the chairs vertical pieces are skewed just slightly, the chair itself — as far as any potential sitter would be concerned — is perfectly level. Despite how it may look, this chair is actually quite sturdy due to the stablizing triangle that sort of jacks the actual seat part up to a normal zero-degree tilt."

9. And your WTFckery Regretsy is not only practical, but the price alone will make your jaw drop. Seriously?

I hope you have enjoyed this week's best in WTFckery!



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