Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mho Fho's Fun in New Orleans

Mho NOLA Pimp Daddy Demon Sheep chilling in his bed in New Orleans

Yo, my minions, erm I mean my peeps! Mho here, taking over for KB who's still recovering from her week long debauchery in New Orleans. While me and KB were in NOLA, there was an awesome book signing and more than a few friendly book bloggers roaming around who all wanted pictures with yours truly! My camera wench, KB made sure I was the star as I posed with so many people who adore and love me.

The bloggers who bow down to me:

Geeky Book Blogger who is a fellow Walking Dead fanatic like KB is/ Spaz from Life as a Spaz pretending to be Mho's mommy.

 The authors who should all insert me or some cuddly demon sheep into their books:

Stacey Kennedy/Judi Fennell (Mho wanted to hop on top of the hookah)

Mho's favorite woman and sheep crush, Leanna Renee Hieber with A.L. Davroe and Mark Henry

Jess Haines who KB stalks until she writes Devon's story!/Samantha Kane who Mho bows down to with her skill in writing hot sexy menages.

PJ Schnyder/Alison Pang's unicorn is getting frisky with Mho!

Jeaniene Frost/ Balls to the Wall Mia Watts

Katie Reus with the most awesome hair Mho want to snuggle in

Happy authors and bloggers everywhere because of me, the most adorable demon sheep on the interwebz.

Coming up next, I throw it back to KB who shows even more New Orleans debauchery...



Blodeuedd said...

I wanted to meet Mho too! :/ But i was too far away