Thursday, August 2, 2012

Melt Into You Book Review *Lisa Plumley*

Melt Into You has an interesting premise with a hero who runs a chocolate empire and his assistant he relies on to help him get out of every jam conceivable. But when Damon has a case of identity theft and his father is sick of his antics, he needs Natasha now more than ever. But Natasha has resigned from her post and wants more in life. Damon won’t be deterred and ends up moving into her house, not realizing she has a young son and she’s divorced. Damon has one rule he has lived by- don’t fool around with married women. But after finding out that Natasha is single, he’s on the prowl to seduce her, and even though Natasha knows falling for Damon is the worst mistake she can make, she can’t help herself because her decade old crush for her former boss has evolved into full blown love.

I’ve enjoyed Lisa Plumley's contemporaries in the past, but Melt Into You missed the mark for me. Damon is beyond clueless and it’s not sexy or cute. How in the world could he not know Natasha was pregnant and had a pre-teen son, especially when they work in such close proximity together? There was a mention how Damon was away traveling at the time of Natasha’s pregnancy, but for 9 months and then when she’s on maternity leave? It just doesn’t add up.

I couldn’t see why Natasha would be so attracted to Damon who proudly admits he enjoys sleeping around and likes to play more than work. Damon is a lazy SOB and an immature, spoiled manbrat. Natasha’s son has more common sense is more mature than Damon. I really didn’t believe for a minute he would give up his player ways because of Natasha and wouldn’t grow bored with her. Also, there was barely any involvement in the chocolate end and it seemed Damon’s profession was tacked on just to grab reader interest.

Melt into You is pass from me and a big disappointment (Zebra)

Final Grade: C

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