Friday, August 17, 2012

Final Thoughts and Pictures from KB's New Orleans Vacation 2012

I have moar NOLA fun to show off!

While in New Orleans there were so many friendly people I talked to, including those who attended the conference taking place at the Sonesta Hotel. I was lucky to grab a few pictures with some of them...

Can you count the number of times I had a glass of wine in my hand? *The Sonesta had happy hour from 4-7p everyday with $5 glasses of wine, my drink of choice*

Mama Kitty/ Author Jess Haines

Soon to be published author Joy Daniels/ Author Melissa Schroeder

Joy's soon to be release Samhain release. Doesn't it scream hotness?

The sparkling and beautiful Twimom Jen

Jess Haines again that camera ho and Julie from Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks/ Author Katie Reus. I'm so jealous of her hair.

I was trying to find Diana Rowland for days while in NOLA and finally we met up! I have such a fan girl crush on Diana. Doesn't she look fabu in her red top that matches her red hair? Diana gave me some top secret info about Touch of the Demon, book 5 in her Kara Gillian series coming out from DAW in December. It's her longest book she's written in the series, there's lots of demon sex to make up for the lack of major demon smut in the last book and the ending may make some of us go- O.o. I want this book so badly!

Other sights that caught my eye in New Orleans:

The one place you must go to on Bourbon Street for food, or at least for their trademark drink, the hurricane, is Pat O'Briens. I ended up going their twice and it was a fabulous place. Their hurricanes are so tasty and not too many can have more than one. They're only $8 and well worth the price. They also have this lovely martini water fountain in their courtyard in the back of the restaurant that's very nice to sit and share drinks and conversation with people.

The one place you must visit off Bourbon Street is the gorgeous Hotel Monteleone. "Since 1886, the Hotel Monteleone has proudly stood as one of the first landmarks in the world-famous French Quarter. Featuring 600 luxurious guestrooms, including 55 suites, the Hotel Monteleone is within walking-distance of some of New Orleans’ most famous attractions." If and when I go back to New Orleans, I want to stay at the Monetelone.

What's fascinating about the Monteleone main bar area is that it's a carousel that actually turns in a circle! I didn't have the chance to sit at the carousel bar *KB pout*, but I did sit near it and have a drink. It was a very vintage feeling, chill place with piano music. That night a woman was singing opera. They also have many interesting drinks that cost between $9-$14. Below is the one I had and I wish I could remember the name. But it was delicious.

Drinking absinthe is a big thing in New Orleans. It has a very high alcohol content that can knock you for a loop. The bar below that I hear has the best absinthe in the city is right near one of the most haunted buildings in all of New Orleans. The bar was closed *double pout* and I didn't see and spooky spirits or ghost, drunk or otherwise *triple pout*, so no absinthe for me. Next time!

But you can always count on some cheap huge ass beers to quench your thirst if you so choose. Another big drinking staple on Bourbon Street along with the sweet mixed drinks and yards:

The annual red dress run was held on Saturday. This is where men and woman wear red or red dresses or some type of red on them (some of the men looked better than I do in a dress and some didn't wear much at all, only a strip of red, which could go either way with my viewing pleasure. Over 8,000 people lined Bourbon Street all for charity.

"Sponsored by the Hash House Harriers, a self-proclaimed "drinking club with a running problem," the Annual Red Dress Run through the French Quarter and downtown New Orleans is another of those uniquely New Orleans fun events that doubles as a fundraiser. It is open to men and women alike and though the concept originated as a charitable event to raise money for breast cancer research, it donates its proceeds to other charities as well. The run is usually between 3 and 4 miles (no one clocks it exactly) and participants start assembling, registering and drinking(!) at 9:00 a.m. There is live music before and after the race which begins at 12:30 p.m. Participation is open to anyone over 21 "who has a good sense of humor and realizes that August in New Orleans is HOT!" Wearing a red dress (or less!) is an absolute requirement."

Shot above the street where some red dressed people were roaming around.

Saturday night on Bourbon Street was like every other night. I was able to take both these night shots on one of the many balconies facing Bourbon. Beads were flying everywhere and it doesn't have to be Mardi Gras to act wild and crazy.

And this ends my vacation in pictures of the amazing city of New Orleans. This is one city you must visit at least once in your life. I had the time of my life there and hope to visit again (maybe for the Super Bowl next year if the Giants are in it?). New Orleans welcomed me with open arms and I thank the people there, including all the bloggers and authors I met and hung out with for making my vacation a wonderful experience.



Julie said...

Huge Ass Beers! Made me laugh every time. It was so awesome meeting you Katie. You are one of the bloggers I look up to so it was an honor to finally meet you. The photo of you and Katie is so cute and the photo of you and Diana is really good. :)

Katie Reus said...

Katiebabs! I hope you don't mind if I snag the pic of us (it's the only one I have) and the one from the previous blog of me and Mho Fho (he got around but I'm glad to know he likes my hair) ;)

KB/KT Grant said...

Julie: Big ass beers everywhere! And yet I didn't have a big ass beer once :(

I loved seeing you also. You're too kind ((hugs))

Katie: Snag away! Mho Fho wanted to sneak away with you but I had to hold him back because you would never get rid of him!

Jen Shields said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Love it. You're absolutely hilarious. Your name sounds familiar, i wonder if we're in any of the same writer groups ;)

KB/KT Grant said...

Jen: welcome! I usually float around all over the place. :) Are you published anywhere?

Twimom227 said...

Great wrap-up of a wonderful week! It was so awesome to hang with you. I'm serious about coming to visit you for a get away weekend! Until then... we always have Twitter!

Midnyte Reader said...

I've stayed at the Monteleone and it's lovely. I always go to the Carousel Bar for a Comfortini. Loved reading about your adventures.

KB/KT Grant said...

Midnyte: I want to stay there next time if and when I got to NOLA.