Sunday, July 22, 2012

WTFckery of Not? You Decide

Welcome to this week's favorite post! WTFckery highlight Sunday!

1. As always, some WTF book cover and their titles:

This brings back bad memories of the days I would read Literotica and was introduced to something called Plant erotica. And this is a YA.

 More like face play in the crotch:

This makes me think of the lamp from A Christmas Story that airs over and over on television every Christmas.:

2. This is really nothing new, but major eye rolling on my part knowing that ever more classic novels like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice will be chock full of 19th century BDSM fun! I was slow on the uptake with my own BDSM version of Jane Eyre. Rochester's attic of pain and pleasure so needs to be written. The twist would be through Rochester's tutelage, Jane becomes London's premiere Dominatrix. Jane would keep a cat o nine tails in her bun at all times. Good to know all that slash fan fic and naughty BDSM fan fic will reach the reading masses. Much pearl clutching will commence. From The Hollywood Reporter:

"Clandestine Classics is offering sexed-up versions of perennials ranging from "Jane Eyre" to "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It is the mash-up so obvious it is hard to believe no one thought of it already: Sexing up the classics Fifty Shades of Grey-style. Candestine Classics is making all the implied sex in such classics as Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice and, yes, Sherlock Holmes explicit. These are sexy novels aimed at straight and gay readers. The new spin on Sherlock Holmes casts the detective and his sidekick John Watson as gay lovers."

3. Because we all need a Naked Girl in a Hot Tub iPhone case. Only $31. From Gizmodo:

4. Adorable WTFckery! I want a IceHuggy Koozy! From Gizmodo:

Comes in packages of 2 for $6.99

"The IceHuggy was designed by a mother of six, IceHuggies are soft, stretchy, insulated sleeves made to wrap around most standard-sized ice pops and protect fingers from freezing and/or breaking off. They also feature a fold-down Velcro attachment which lets you resize your IceHuggy as your once-hard pop steadily shrinks down to size."

5. Take a bite out of this cake and the cake may bite you back. From Cake Wrecks:

6. Men with large penises must hate airport security, or it makes their egos grow. From The Consumerist: 

"Jonah Falcon of New York City is an actor and hosts a public-access show about the Yankees, but he isn't famous for that. He's famous for a quirk of nature: he has the largest recorded penis in the world. He's appeared on lots of talk shows and even in a documentary, but evidently his fame hasn't reached the TSA workers at San Francisco International Airport. There, the large bulge in his pants caught the notice of a guard, who presumed it was some kind of weapon. He was subjected to a (brisk and professional) extra patdown and tested for explosive residue.

"I had my 'stuff' strapped to the left. I wasn't erect at the time," said Falcon, whose penis is 9 inches flaccid, 13.5 inches erect. "One of the guards asked if my pockets were empty and I said, 'Yes.'"
Falcon said he knew that his interview was about to get a lot more personal when he was led through one of the X-ray body scanners and passed a metal detector.

"Another guard stopped me and asked me if I had some sort of growth," Falcon said, laughing.

Indeed he did have a growth."

7. A major WTFckery for the walking dead:

 8. This is one fine WTFckery From Gizmodo:  

It's better to watch the promo video to understand why...

"Here is a backstage exclusive of our model Aaron O'Connell during the shooting of Dhedral men's underwear upcoming ad campaing. Aaron is sporting Dhedral's signature undies, with the angle fit technology in the back"

Like a Spanx for men, these Italian undies by D.HEDRAL uses "angle fit" technology to enhance your butt's roundness and make it appear perfectly taut and tight. Think of it like a Wonderbra but for men and for butts. So how does this model's butt look so delectably rumptious? Well, aside from the fact that he probably already has a desirable posterior, the D.HEDRAL underwear enhances it by adding support at three specific angles (depending on your size). The different angles change the support of the tight fabric allowing the underwear to better adapt to your body.

9. I really do need my own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bra. From Io9:

Can be yours for the low price of $35

10. And your Regretsy WTFckery makes me want to eat it instead of sitting on it.

I hope you have enjoyed this week's installment of awesome WTFkcery!



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