Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wicked Nights Book Review *Gena Showalter*

It’s pretty much a given I will read anything by Gena Showalter. I’m beyond addicted to her Lords of the Underworld series, and when I heard she had written a spin off series, called Angels of the Dark, I was more than happy a start to what looks to be a great new series. 

A few angels have popped up in her Lords of the Underworld series, specifically, Lysander. If you read The Darkest Angel from the Heart of Darkness anthology, then you have a good idea what Zacharel, the angel hero of Wicked Nights is like. Zacharel has the same mind set as Lysander. He’s cold, calculating, has a massive ego and refuses to feel any real emotion. He’s in charge of an army of angels who have angered the Deity, a type of spirit or god they all follow. These angels are all rejects, and Zacharel is in charge of keeping them in line while they battle the demons of the underworld that cause havoc on Earth. Zacharel’s angel warriors are a bloodthirsty group and they don’t care if there are human casualties. Zacharel does care because his Deity takes it out on his hide, literally, if any angels kill innocent humans while taking down demons.

During the latest battle on Earth, Zacharel ends up at a mental institutional for the criminally insane. For some reason the demons want to get inside. When Zacharel enters the building, he comes in contact with a drugged woman tied down to a gurney. He thinks nothing of her until he notices the demons want to hurt her. She’s Annabelle, who was found guilty of murdering her parents when she was eighteen. Annabelle sees demons everywhere. They stalk her because she has been claimed by a powerful demon. She has no idea how or why this has happened. Zacharel decides to take her up to heaven and keep her safe in his cloud until he can figure out why Annabelle has been marked. Soon enough Annabelle breaks through his defenses and he starts developing feelings for her. He doesn’t know why he enjoys being with Annabelle and helps her train in defending herself, including the way his body responds to her. He’s confused and worried that if his feelings continue to grow for Annabelle, his Deity may punish him. But Zacharel can’t stop wanting Annabelle, and while she teaches him about love and trust, he in turn teaches her to fight back. Together they join forces and soon their lessons become passionate and all consuming where Zacharel will move heaven and earth to claim his Anna forever.

Wicked Nights is wicked awesome. Gena continually gets better with every book she writes. Annabelle is fierce, strong, no weeping hides in the corner, TSTL heroine. She fights back with everything inside of her. Her strength is what attracts Zacharel to her. Watching him fall for Anna is beyond delicious. Zacharel has never felt passion ever in the thousands of years he’s lived. Annabelle reaches deep inside of him and makes his heart beat, as well as bleed for her. Also Zacharel is a virgin (loves me some virgin heroes) and those scenes where he and Annabelle engage in heavy make our sessions and foreplay are full of sexy erotic fun.

I also love the idea of Zacharel’s home being a cloud that will grant you anything you want. This was shown in The Darkest Angel and Annabelle makes good use of Zacharel’s cloud. Can I have my own cloud with a side of Zacharel, please?

Wicked Nights is a total winning read for me and cements my belief that Gena Showalter is one of the best authors out there writing addicting paranormal romance. Do yourself a favor and read Wicked Nights ASAP. It’s one book you’ll not only read once and sigh over, but end up re-reading many times over. (HQN)

Final Grade: A-


Krystal said...

I grabbed this the day it released and loved it as well. Great review!

Twimom227 said...

Agree 100%. This series holds lots of promise. It's LotU but even darker!