Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One of the most powerful videos you'll see all year: Where the Hell is Matt?

Watching this 5 minute video didn't only just give me chills, but made my heart skip a beat and gave me the warm fuzzies. Don't be surprised if tears come to your eyes as you watch Matt, a normal everyday looking guy travel the world, to some places he shouldn't, to show how dance brings us all together.

A very inspirational video to promote peace and understanding. Loved the scene with the seal.



Ren said...

Oh Katie,
Thank you so very much for this video. Its just what I needed to put a smile on my heart.
Thank you! xo

Linda Mooney said...

Love it when videos like this make me cry (in a good way). Thanks, Katie!

Watch the 2006 Outtakes if you need a good giggle (and ignore the man boobs).

lisaione said...

I have been watching Matt's videos since 2005 and love that people are now joining him in the dancing.

I have watched this several times over the last couple weeks and keep finding more people to share with.

lisabea said...

Thanks, KB. This is exactly what I needed today.



Remember me? :D

KB/KT Grant said...

We need a Where is LB video! :P

lisabea said...

True that. Right now I'm hunkered down in Smithfield. But I'm on my way to LA!