Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jacked Up Book Review *Eric McCarthy*

Jacked Up, the sixth book in Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track series is the final book from what I hear, and what a great book it is! I have read this series from the beginning, and for the most part, have enjoyed the majority of what I have read. Jacked Up is one sweet book with great love scenes and hero to die for. The heroine is full of snark and some self-esteem issues that grated on my nerves after a while, but the chemistry with the good old boy hero, NASCAR jackman, Nolan Ford is what made this book a winner for me. Nolan is a woman’s dream come true and the way he breaks down the walls Eve Monroe has constructed around herself is one of the reasons to read.

When we first meet Nolan and Eve, they are at major odds with one another. Nolan has a very easy going attitude, while Eve is consumed with work. Nolan loves ruffling Eve and will do whatever he can to loosen her up. He wants to date her and not necessarily jump in the sack with her right away, although he has it bad for her. Eve feels she doesn’t have time to date or to be romanced, but Nolan won’t let her walk away from him. He ends up courting Eve and invites her to meet his very large and boisterous and caring family. He compliments Eve and all her accomplishments even though her father is less than forthcoming with them.

Then they go to Las Vegas on business, and after Nolan throws Eve a surprise birthday party, that’s when she gives in and does something so shocking with Nolan that will change both their lives forever. Eve is then having second thoughts, but Nolan loves the new turn in their relationship, so much so he can’t imagine his life without Eve in it.

Jacked Up is a sexy contemporary romance I recommend any contemporary romance fan try. I adored Nolan with everything I have in me. He’s so cute, loving and has no major baggage, unlike Eve who has a great deal of emotional angst. These two connected so well, but the big twist in their relationship and the aftermath of Vegas seemed out of left field, which Erin has a habit of doing in her books and it doesn’t always pay off when all is said in done. But in this case it worked and I was rooting for Nolan and Eve’s HEA.

Do pick up Jacked Up for a fun time, smoldering sexy time read. (Berkley)

Finale Grade: B+

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