Friday, July 13, 2012

Gateway to Heaven Book Review *Beth Kerry*

For those interesting in reading a self published book...

Beth Kery’s Gateway to Heaven was free on Kindle (now $2.99), and since I’ve enjoyed Beth's books in the past, it was a given I would grab this one. Also, there are just not enough rock star romances and I’ve been dying to read a few. We need more rockstar hero romances, STAT! I also liked the idea that the supposed bad boy rock star isn’t as “bad” as the reader is first led to believe. The hero, Christian Lasher, who has an awesome sounding name,  has deep roots in the town he grew up in and where his family still lives. Megan, the heroine, is everything sweet and innocent, but Beth writes a major emotional twist to give Megan more dimension. Something very horrible happened to Megan when she was a toddler. Regardless of this shocking event, Megan has a great outlook on life. Her sunny disposition is what draws Christian to her.

Christian keeps his identity a secret at first from Megan because he’s afraid his reputation will turn her off. Megan’s mother and sister are very protective of her and think Christian will hurt Megan because it’s a given he’ll want to have sex with her. Megan is a virgin and it makes sense why regarding the horrible trauma she went through as a child. Megan wants to take a chance with Christian and finally engage in intimacies with a man like having sex because she knows deep down Christian's a good person who can give her what she needs. Christian also has some issues, but nothing too angsty. The reader will stay engaged as these two will come together and heal one another and hopefully have a wonderful future of laughter and love.

Gateway to Heaven is a lovely romance that has a nice balance when it comes to the sensuality factor between Christian and Megan. Because Megan is a virgin, Christian handles her with extreme care although he wants to consume her with his passion he’s barely keeping in check. There's also a slight spirituality factor regarding one's faith and religion that gives the story more dimension. When Megan and Christian finally make love, it’s very tender and equally hot. This was a very enjoyable read and one fans of contemporary romance will enjoy.

Final Grade: B