Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chasing Magic Book Review *Stacia Kane*

Chasing Magic, the 5th book in Stacia Kane’s highly addicting Downside Ghost series is officially my favorite, I want to have babies with it, book for 2012. Chasing Magic is the only book this year that brought me close to tears because it was an, uber intense read. No other book has done this. There’s a scene toward the end where the protagonist, Chess, and her lover Terrible are going into battle and may not survive. We see the true depth of feelings these two have for one another and one simple statement from Terrible has cemented my love for him and for this couple forever. 

Chasing Magic is a rollercoaster of a read. My every emotion was engaged as I hurt inside because of Chess and her angst and emotional torture she places on herself because of her belief she isn’t good and has nothing special to give the world. Chess is trying her best to be more optimistic about herself and her situation thanks to the positive influence her lover, Terrible has over her. She and Terrible are now more connected than ever, a unit, where Chess doesn’t have to hide her feelings. The good guy that Terrible is, even (barely) allows Chess to remain friends with Lex, Chess’s ex-lover and enemy of Terrible’s drug dealing boss, Bump. 

Now that Lex’s father is dead, Lex is in control of his father’s drug empire and wants Terrible to work for him. If Terrible doesn’t comply, Lex will assassinate Terrible and there’s nothing Chess can do about it.While there’s a war brewing between Bump and Lex, Chess has to deal with Downside’s citizens becoming mindless zombies because of dark magic controlling them. She has to figure out who’s responsible and stop it before the Downside, her territory, is destroyed. Terrible is there to help Chess, and she relies on him more than she should, which scares her. I’ve said it before, but Chess is her own worst enemy and she pushes Terrible into a corner where he lashes out and changes the dynamics of their relationship in an almost disastrous, yet very welcomed way. But the question remains, will Chess ruin everything and continue using the dangerous drugs she’s addicted that may kill her or turn to Terrible who has become her new addiction and one she really can’t live without?

Chasing Magic is powerful not only with the story, but with the characters Stacia has created. In the beginning of this series, it was mainly about Chess and her issues, but now things have changed. Terrible has become so important to this series as much as Chess and her crazy drug addiction is. These two complement each other so well and are a couple near and dear to my heart. Just like Roarke and Eve (from the J.D. Robb's In Death series) and Cat and Bones (from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series), I can’t see Terrible without Chess and visa-versa. These two are both sides of the same coin, each other’s yin and yang. I’m hooked and obsessed with these two, and it’s outstanding how far they have come and how imbedded they are in reading psyche.

Stacia really ups the emotion factor here. There’s tenderness, which is shown perfectly when Chess goes to Elder Griffin's wedding ceremony with Terrible. The way Terrible acts at the wedding when asked if he may marry Chess in the future had me gasping for breath just like Chess did. Then there’s a heartbreaking, yet powerfully erotic scene between Chess and Terrible where the question of mistrust and faithfulness comes into play. It’s one the best written, sexually charged, heart in your throat scene this year that proves how much Terrible does love Chess and he refuses to let her go and expects the same from her. Terrible doesn’t need his pimpmobile to give Chess good loving and makes do with a wall and a couch very well.

The dialogue had me riveted and the battle at the end had gnawing my fingers down to nubs. At one point I was a nervous wreck because it looked like Chess was at the end of her rope. And as for Terrible…take me I’m yours!

Words cannot do this series and Chasing Magic enough justice. Buy it, read it and please rave about it to anyone you can. Hands down, the best reading experience, the best couple and one of the best authors I’ve read this year goes to Stacia Kane (Del Rey)

Final Grade: A

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