Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Spotlight: Cinderella and the Lady by KT Grant

Say hello to my next release, Cinderella and the Lady, releasing from Ravenous Romance this month. This is a Historical Lesbian Romance based on the fairy tale, Cinderella, thus the title.

It's mainly a lesbian romance, but there's also some M/M action (a nice secondary story between a duke's son and a tailor) and some M/F/M action, as well as a cute cat and mouse who are the best of friends! Something for everyone.

Synopsis: The sudden death of Ellie’s father leaves her with an uncertain future. Her stepmother, Geraldine and step-sister Mina treat her like a servant. The seductive Countess Tremaine wants to save Ellie from her life of drudgery, but all for a price-her innocence. Ellie feels all hope is lost until she meets a Lady who makes all her wishes come true.

Lady Kristina, the Duke of Perrault’s daughter has returned home after five years abroad. She’s expected to marry, but her attraction to women stops her from carrying out her parents’ wishes. One night she meets a shy servant girl and becomes obsessed. She’ll do whatever she can to gain the trust of this mysterious woman and claim her for her own.

With the countess pressuring Ellie into accepting her unscrupulous offer, and her step mother growing more unstable, she turns to Kristina for support. But then her whole world comes crashing down when she learns the truth behind Kristina’s identity and the lies Geraldine has kept from her.

As Ellie falls victim to those dark forces set on ruining her, Kristina fights to save Ellie’s heart before she loses her forever.