Friday, June 8, 2012

The Time Has Arrived! Qhuay's Official Title and Cover Has Been Announced!

Without further ado Qhuay fans, I give you Qhuay's cover Ward announced on her Facebook page yesterday:

Coming March 13th 2013. "THEIR TIME HAS COME. 2013- NEXT BDB HARDCOVER.....BLAY & QHUINN!!!!

Notice the blue eyes. Isn't the title so appropriate? VIVA LA QHUAY!

Thanks to Mandi for the head's up on this one! I was busy running amock at BEA and she sent me a text with the cover. She understands my Ward crack addiction so well.



Ren said...

I saw someone tweet earlier about this but I was hoping for the official cover reveal from you! OMG! I haven't read the other two after Lover Mine but I might have to do so. I plan to get this one for sure!