Saturday, June 2, 2012

13 Weeks Strong It's Still All Fifty Shades and One Dimenson Le Tweenie Fan Girl Squee

13 weeks strong, still at #1 is Fifty Shades of Grey with Darker and Freed coming in at #2 and #3 on the New York Times combing print and fiction list. I simply amazed by this. I have never seen a romance trilogy stay in the top 3 spots, let alone any book series for that matter, on the Times of all places (take that lit fic snobs). The Wow Factor is big here.

Other than Karin Slaughter with Snatched at #11 for the first week, the usual suspects are there in the top 20.

Big congrats to my favorite author of horny supernatural heroes and overall excellent writer, Larissa Ione. Lethal Rider has hit big on the charts! Not only is Lethal Rider #19 on the combined list, but #18 on mass market paperback and #17 for ebook. Lethal Rider was one hot book and I bow down to Larissa's skills.

Speaking of best selling ebooks, it's chock full of book goodies. Because of the buzz behind Tracey Garvis-Graves' On the Island, it moves up to the 5th spot this week. Jennifer Probst is going 9 weeks strong at #7 for The Marriage Bargain. Jill Shalvis is at #18 for the first week with Lucky in Love.

Also I see George R.R. Martin n every list with his Game of Thrones book. This Jersey boy (go Jersey!) can't be beat and if you watch Game of Thrones, especially last week's episode titled, Blackwater, you would understand why. So, fans of Martin, why should I read these books? A 1,000+ page book is a daunting experience for me. If I'm a fan of the TV series, will I eat Martin's books up?

For the first time in her career, Mira Grant finally make the list with Blackout, the third and final book in her Newsflesh trilogy for the first week at #15 on the mass market paperback list. I was crazy addicted to the first two books and need to read this one ASAP. But I hear there is a big reveal regarding the relationship between the two main characters, foster brother and sister, Shaun and Georgia. I'm not sure if I'm down with his (which is funny seeing as I'm all things romance). Those who have read Blackout, is it a big deal?

Synopsis: Last year they were just five normal boys, who didn’t even know each other, dreaming of being up on stage, with fans screaming their names... so much has happened for One Direction since then!

Following their huge success on The X Factor, and the hysteria they caused wherever they went on The X Factor tour, One Direction are quickly becoming the UK’s biggest boyband, and the pop act that everyone wants to meet. And this is just the beginning...

The LOL Mention: One Direction: Dare to Dream is #1 on the children's paperbook list and unseated Veronica Roth's Divergent. The power of teenie bopper boy bands are strong! I shouldn't judge because when I was a wee little lass, my obsession for New Kids on the Block was scary. (scary as in I had the sheets and plastered every free space on my bedroom wall with NKOTB pictures.

Seeing this cover makes me feel so old. The middle one looks like he's 6 years old. O.o

Unto the USA Today best selling list...

Same old Fifty Shades blah blah...Hunger Games...Nicholas Sparks, I don't write romance, I write for some fake genre because I think I'm awesome blah blah in the top 10.



mepamelia said...

Nicholas Sparks --- BLECH!
Should you read GRRM? I ADORE his books. They are long and detailed and involved and cover so many character viewpoints that it's mind-boggling, yet I don't have moments of "now who the heck is this again?!" that can happen when you read a multiple character opus.
The books are unflinchingly violent; terrible things happen to just about everyone (and if they haven't yet happened, you know it's probably just a matter of time!). They are also loaded with drama and humor and love and fear and intrigue.
One reason to hold off reading them is that book 5 just came out about a decade after it was supposed to and there's no promise of when book 6 can be expected. The payoff for all of us who have read the first five books will likely be a long time coming!

Kerry said...

I've read Blackout and that revelation worked for me. I'd already been suspecting it, due to hints dropped in the previous book, and for me, the circumstances of their lives together made it work rather than icky, but it's very much going to be a case of YMMV.

I had (what I thought was a) good review all typed up and Goodreads ate it. I haven't been able to face trying to reproduce it, so sorry, I can't send you to that. :)

Sina (Cry Baby Reviews) said...

You should definitely read the Game of Thrones books. To be honest, I still like the show but it seems a lot weaker now I've read the books. The books are so much better, as is usually the case. There's so much detail and complexity and extra characters that the show doesn't have time for. I was daunted by the size as well but they're really readable.

KB/KT Grant said...

Mepamelia: I want to read Martin but his books are epic reads! Maybe when he finishes the series?

Kerry: I was hit over the head with the Shaun and Georgia reveal because I didn't see it at all at any point in book 1 or 2. I take it they walk into the sunset together?

Sina: Usually the books are better. I heard there is a lot of foreshadowing in Game of Thrones with the dire wolves that couldn't be touched upon on TV.