Sunday, May 27, 2012

WTFckery or Not? You Decide

 Say hello to your weekly WTFckery post! A very food centric one today...

1. Nothing says WTFckery like WTFckery book covers.

This cover hurts my eyes. I cant tell who is coming or going and what body parts belong to which person:

The strategic place of this crocodile cracks me up:

This book is going into icky territory for me:

Synopsis: Jason has been in love with his straight best friend for years. While Derrick is totally cool with it, now that the two are in college Derrick has gone off to date girls, and poor Jason's still hot and hungry for the touch of another guy. Thankfully, Derrick's got a cute little brother...

2. Some may think a manatee meme is a WTFckery but I find Calming Manatee full of awesome. I'm so glad I stumbled on this website.The poor manatee never gets enough love. I think we need more manatee love, don't you? Also through the Calming Manatee website, you can donate to the Save the Manatee Club and adopt your own manatee.

3. This is one WTFckery for this history books. From HuffPo Weird News: 

"Mao Sugiyama, a self-described "asexual" from Tokyo, cooked up, seasoned and served his own genitalia to five diners at a swanky banquet in Japan last month, Calorie Lab reported. In most cases, "asexual" is a word used to describe a person who is non-sexual. Sugiyama, however, embraces it as a way to show that he does not affiliate with either gender.

Just days after Sugiyama's 22nd birthday, the artist underwent elective genital-removal surgery, divvied up the severed penis shaft, testicles, and scrotal skin between five people, and garnished it with button mushrooms and Italian parsley. On April 13, five of six diners who signed up for the $250-a-plate feast, sat down to dinner. The sixth person was a no-show.

The extra diners were served crocodile-based dishes while Sugiyama cooked up the exclusive meal."

4. Author, Jess Haines told me about this too funny for words WTFckery. White collar Lego crime is on the rise! From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"A Silicon Valley executive spent countless hours executing an elaborate scheme to cheat local Target stores out of Lego collectors blocks, prosecutors said Tuesday. Thomas Langenbach, a vice president at the software company SAP Labs in Palo Alto, crafted fake bar codes and pasted them over the real thing on Lego packages in Target stores, Santa Clara County prosecutors said. The fakes gave Langenbach a steep discount, prosecutors said. After purchasing the Legos, Langenbach allegedly sold them for a profit on eBay. At least some of the Legos were valuable collectors items featuring “Star Wars” characters, prosecutors said.

EBay told prosecutors that 2,100 items from Langenbach’s account had been sold since April 2011, for a total of $30,000."

5. This is one mega meat filled sandwich. From Gizmodo:

"British chef/madman Tristan Welch created the flesh-pile in honor of the UK debut of Man Versus Food, a popularish US show that features a large, affable man who travels from town to town, engaging in food challenges while being cheered on by locals who are excited to be on television. It's a triumph of conspicuous consumption, and there really couldn't be a more fitting tribute than a sandwich the size of a three year-old human person. That's 2.5 pounds of non-meat in a 28-pound sandwich."

Ingredients:120g Ndjua/ 260g roast beef/ 120g boiled ham/ 160g Proscuitto/ 150g honey-roast ham/ 90g cooked turkey/ 155g cooked chicken/ 155g garlic chicken/ 180g smoked duck breast/ 120g cooked pork/ 120g roast ham/ 280g corned beef/ 150g German salami/ 150g Italian sausage/ 240g cured ham/80g French peppercorn salami/ 70g Saucisson Sec de Provence/ 70g herbed Saucisson Sec de Provence/ 360g chorizo/70g serrano ham/ 80g pastrami/ 140g pancetta/ 150g bacon/ 70g garlic salami/ 70g Italian salami/ 80g dry-cured Proscuitto/380g Bratwurst sausage/ 150g breaded ham/ 100g Mortadella/ 100g Speck/ 150 Parma ham/65g Jambon Iberico de Bellota/ 140g Finocchiona/ 70g wild boar pork salami/100g smoked venison/250g beetroot, sliced/ 110g assorted salad leaves/ 1 large red onion, sliced into rings/ 680g gherkins, sliced/ 1 large loaf of bread .

6. Beyond gross doesn't even cover what I think of a sausage and cupcake combo. I wonder what's the right type of frosting one would use? From Gizmodo:

"What would happen if, instead of stuffing a sausage casing with meat (or meat substitute), you stuffed it with cupcake batter? Stef over at The Cupcake Project came up with the "cupcakewurst" idea.

Stef: "That's right, I threw the Cupcakewurst on the grill!  I kept them on there for just a minute or two on each side to heat the cake up. But, a sausage needs a bun and some ketchup...raspberry topping." Looks great, doesn't it?

7. Who would make this cake and think it's a good idea to being to a baby shower? From Cakewrecks:

9. Would you buy a car shaped couch for your living room? From Gizmodo:

"Created by design and fashion studio Bless, the No35 Automatica Carcanap√© couch is stitched and stuffed to look like a run-of-the-mill hatchback—and that coupled with its soft gray fabric might actually make it seem not so outlandish if added to your living room suite. The attention to detail is remarkable, right down to side mirrors and wiper blades, but if Bless ever decides to sell these to the public, we hope they make one small design tweak and place the cup holders on the outside of the vehicle."

10. "Birth control" apparently is not in this man's or the women he had sex with vocabularies. This shocks the ever loving WTF out of me. From Yahoo News:

Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a break—on child support

"A Tennessee man who has fathered 30 children is asking the courts for a break on child support. Desmond Hatchett, 33, of Knoxville has children with 11 different women, reports WREG-TV. The state already takes half his paycheck and divides it up, which doesn't amount to much when Hatchett is making only minimum wage. Some of the moms receive as little as $1.49 a month. The oldest child is 14 years old. Hatchett explains how he reached such a critical mass: He had four kids in the same year. Twice."

11.Your Regretsy WTFckery is perfect for those who want a hoo-haa shaped walnut necklace.

 I hope you have enjoyed this week's best in WTFckery!



Blodeuedd said...

I am gonna be sick, who would cook that?..Who would eat that?! o_O

Alexia561 said...

WTF!!! But love the calming manatees. Now about those sausage cupcakes....

Tyraa said...

His Hot Little Brother? EW some people are just sick. Made me shudder.