Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two Sweet and Tender Romances To Tickle Your Fancy

In the mood for some "sweet" romance? I have two books for you that are PG-rated reads... 

Woodrose Mountain by RaeAnne Thayne is a wonderful PG-rated small town romance I really enjoyed. This is the second book I read by RaeAnne and it won’t be the last. The heroine, Evie Blanchard is a former physical therapist who lives in Hope’s Crossing in the Rockies and works in a bead store. Evie loves her new life away from the stress of Los Angeles and the job she left behind. But when her nemesis, Brodie Thorne asks her to help his paralyzed daughter walk and talk again, she’s forced into an uncomfortable situation. Evie and Brodie are like oil and water. Evie is too much of a free spirit and Brodie is too stubborn and moody. His moodiness is in part because of his daughter Taryn who due to a car accident almost died and was in a coma. Taryn now needs intensive therapy to get better. That’s where Evie comes in. Brodie isn't happy asking Evie for help because he doesn’t trust her and at first though she was trying to con his mother out of money. Evie is insulted, and rightly so, but will help Taryn until a replacement is found.

Taryn is a handful because she’s bitter and is keeping a big secret about what happened the night of the car accident that not only destroyed her life, but killed her best friend and may put another friend away in jail for a long time. She thinks Evie is eventually going to leave her and lashes out at Evie. But all too soon, Evie breaks down Taryn’s defenses, and from that Brodie finds a new found respect for Evie as well. This respect grows into friendship and then something deeper forms between the two adults.

Woodrose Mountain is at times emotional, as well as tender. RaeAnne’s characters, dialogue and interactions really hit home for me. This is the type of book that would be perfect as a Hallmark movie. Watching Evie and Brodie fall in love is really sweet, and the final outcome with Taryn is heartbreaking but equally moving.

For a more tender and sweet romance, do give Woodrose Mountain a try. (HQN)

Final Grade: B

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Healing Hearts by Kim Watters was free on Kindle, so I decided to read it. I'm also a sucker for any story that has animals involved, especially when it comes to puppies or kittens. As a self-published book, I was impressed because Kim’s writing has an endearing quality to it.

Sarah Churchill can barely makes end meet. As a former foster child, she has major trust issues, and  feels unloved and unworthy. While riding her bike, she hits a stray puppy. She takes the puppy to the local vet even though she won’t be able to pay for any of the bills. There she meets the very kind and handsome, doctor Grant Morrison who allows Sarah to pay off the bill by working for him. Grant isn’t sure what to think of Sarah because she seems a bit ditzy and not at all comfortable around people. Plus, she doesn’t have room in her life for a dog. But Grant is able to convince her to take in the stray, which she names Rocky, after her dream man, Rocky Balboa.

Rocky is a handful and drives Sarah crazy, but Grant helps Sarah, to her surprise. Soon Grant and Sarah become good friends. Sarah is falling in love with Grant but she can’t allow her feelings to get anymore involved than they are because of her criminal past. Grant has this idea that Sarah is wholesome and everything innocent and good, but his nosy aunt and sister thinks Sarah is using him. Grant doesn't care and  slowly courts her so she’ll never think of leaving him even when the going gets really tough.

Healing Hearts was a pleasant story and Sarah and Grant have great chemistry. This is more of a G-rated romance teens would enjoy as well. There’s a lot of animal love here, including the adorable antics of Rocky that brings Sarah and Grant together. If you’re a fan of the heroine who has had a rough life and finds love with the honorable and handsome hero, I would give this one a try. Healing Hearts is free for Amazon Prime Members and $2.99 for everyone else.

Final Grade: B

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Penelope said...

I find myself jumping back and forth from smoky hot reads to sweet reads. These both sound good! It's also great to hear about self-pubbed books that are high quality. Thanks for the reviews. :^)

little alys said...

A doggy called Rocky? So cute! Great reviews. :)