Thursday, May 17, 2012

Succubi Are Forever Book Review *Jill Myles*

And now for something completely different. A review in 6 parts (or would that be steps?)

How much do I adore Jill Myles and why you should read Succubi are Forever (Succubus Diaries #4)? Let me count the ways.

1. Jill has taken her writing career by the balls, and even when her publisher Pocket said, bye-bye, that didn’t stop her from finishing up her very enjoyable Succubus Diaries series. She has become a pro at self publishing and has decided to self publish Succubi Are Forever, the fourth and final book in this series when she could have gone onto better things. But no. She thought of her fans and gave us more Jackie Brighton, that curvy, accident prone, loves everything archeological succubus, who is still trying to come to terms with her new life and her sexual itch that needs to be scratched daily.

2. This sexual itch of Jackie is currently being scratched, and very well indeed by the dark and mysterious, semi-bad boy in leather, vampire Zane who turned Jackie into a succubus. She and Zane are now in a committed relationship together. Jackie’s former beau, the fallen angel Noah is the odd man out and still bent out of shape over it. But alas, Noah never gave Jackie great hand sex like Zane did or the OMG hotter than hot, sit on my face and tell me you love me love scene between Jackie and Zane in this story. I seriously had to stop reading and gulp down a glass of ice water because it’s that hot and tres kinky.

3. Remi. I loves me some Remi! Jackie’s laugh out loud succubus in crime, the former porn star turned… well, she’s pretty much still into sexual hijinks, but is trying to stay committed to her new boyfriend, the former virgin (thanks to Remi) warrior monk dude name Ethan who adores her. He also adores Jackie. Aww... Remi is writing a memoir about her life and the joy of starting each chapter is reading excerpts and advice from this soon to be published memoir that keeps changing titles.

4. The action and suspense is non-stop here. There’s crazy demons, psycho cult like succubi man haters, and the crazy queen of the vampires who wants Zane back. It’s just crazy all around but written in a way where you don’t want to throw the book against the wall.

5. Jill does something you'll least expect half way through that will make your jaw drop. I wasn’t expecting it and was like, noooooooooo, you evil biotch, how could you? This is the point where Jackie has a big change, and I have to give Jill kudos because it really puts things into perspective for Jackie regarding what she had gained as well as what she has lost. The path to the finale is tension filled, on the edge of your seat action. The ending has a big awesome twist. It’s full of win, as in I want to have babies with this winning ending.

6. Have I mentioned the hot Zane and Jackie sex? I never realized in order for Jackie to heal after being hurt or almost killed, she needs sex. Zane is her love doctor. I wish Zane could be my love doctor. Team Zane all the way.

Overall, a very enjoyable, steamy and hilarious paranormal series I really recommend you all try. The joy in reading this one is not only Remi and the shocking things that explode from her mouth. It's also about Jackie, the everyday woman who thought she was just average, but has now become a shining star with the perfect man by her side who is more than willing to scratch her itch and then some. (Available for $3.99 wherever ebooks are sold. $9.99 in paperback)

Final Grade: B

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Blodeuedd said...

YAY more Jackie!!!! :D Want want want

KB/KT Grant said...

Gimme a Zane! Noah can be for the weekends ;).

Twimom227 said...

Great review! I adore Jill and this series. I felt this book took the series to new heights... and that scene you mention in #5.... I couldn't sleep and was reading at 3:30 AM. Let me tell you - NOT a good thing to have happen in the middle of the night when there is no one around to discuss this big NOOOOO with!