Sunday, April 15, 2012

WTFckery Or Not? You Decide

Welcome to your weekly WTFckery attack!

1. Nothing says WTFckery like WTF covers and books.

Synopsis: Declan Batalova is a bear unlike any other. After brokering a deal that will keep his people safe in their new country, the Russian shifter goes for relaxation in a new club that caters to bears.

Cosmetologist Gillian Leekey is a woman on a mission. She loves big, muscular, hairy men, and Declan is perfect in every way.

But after one night of passion, the Bear Shifter Mafia is declaring war at her front door! When did life get so complicated? But that's what happens when you decide to date a bear.

The title alone speaks for itself:

Synopsis: 23-year-old blonde and beautiful Maxi Pryde is newly wed to Dan Foley, an insurance salesman almost twenty years her senior.

Enter Connor Foley, Dan's staggeringly handsome 21-year-old son. He secretly works as a stripper with 'extras' on the side. After an initially awkward relationship, Maxi can't help but fall for Connor's rippled six-pack and firmly muscled butt - despite her true affection for his father.

Connor, on the other hand, is determined to introduce Maxi to the joys of bondage, food play and deep anal sex. But Connor harbors another secret - a dangerous one that will have far-reaching repercussions for the increasingly guilty Maxi.

This is a BDSM novella with a heavy emphasis on bondage and insertion play (what type of insertion play, I wonder?).

Again, another title that speaks for itself:

2. It's been a drama filled week involving Apple and five major publishers being sued by the US Department of Justice. And Amazon sits backs and watches in glee (while channeling Mr. Burns from The Simpsons). Guess who gets shafted most of all from this? The author. From NY Times:

"The government’s decision to pursue major publishers on antitrust charges has put the Internet retailer Amazon in a powerful position: the nation’s largest bookseller may now get to decide how much an e-book will cost, and the book world is quaking over the potential consequences.

As soon as the Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it was suing five major publishers and Apple on price-fixing charges, and simultaneously settling with three of them, Amazon announced plans to push down prices on e-books. The price of some major titles could fall to $9.99 or less from $14.99, saving voracious readers a bundle.

The government said the five publishers colluded with Apple in secret to develop a new policy that let them set their own retail prices, and then sought to hide their discussions. After that deal was in place in 2010, the government said, prices jumped everywhere because under the agreement, no bookseller could undercut Apple. HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster settled the charges Wednesday, leaving the other two, Penguin and Macmillan, and Apple to fight. 

Amazon, which already controls about 60 percent of the e-book market, can take a loss on every book it sells to gain market share for its Kindle devices. When it has enough competitive advantage, it can dictate its own terms, something publishers say is beginning to happen"

People who abuse animals have no soul and I hope if there's a Hell, they'll burn there in the afterlife.

3. First animal WTFckery...WTF would anyone tattoo their pet? From Pets Lady: 

Stunning Tattooed Pets Blur the Line Between Art, Ownership and Abuse?

Hearing this make me rage. Penelope of Penelope's Romance Reviews posted about this heartbreaking story about a 9-week-old puppy thrown off a balcony on the third story of a building because her owner got angry at her roommate.From Daily Mail:

"Lola, a long haired dachshund landed about 15 to 30 yards from the apartment block when she was launched from the terrace by her owner Kendria Dexter. Her fall was cushioned slightly by a patch of grass but she was still critically injured by the brutal attack. Lola arrived at the centre in a coma-type state with internal injuries including liver damage. She was having trouble breathing and couldn’t stand.

Griffin (Dexter's roommate) told Fox News that the balcony launch was the shocking result of an argument over a pair of headphones. ‘From a pair of headphones, it escalated into a pair of arguments that was unsettled. I guess she got so upset about the arguments, she tossed the dog, saying that the dog was the initiator,' she told Fox News.

The puppy “was in very, very critical condition when she arrived,” Knizley said, adding that Lola had trouble breathing, couldn’t stand, and “was in a coma-type state.” The impact caused internal injuries including liver damage, she said.

“She is eating, but not keeping much down,” she said.

“She has done remarkably well,” Knizley said. “We are very happy that she had made it through the initial injury.”

Stephanie Williamson, a technician at the center, said that the puppy was thrown 15 to 30 yards out and landed in the grass, cushioning her landing.

“I can’t say she’s out of the woods yet, but I can say she miraculously not a single broken bone, probably due to her age.” Knizley said.

Knizley said that Lola is expected to be at the center two more weeks."

4. Erm, lickable elevator wallpaper? O.o From Gizmodo: 

"McVitie's, a baked goods company in the UK, decided to make the edible magic real by turning an entire elevator... lickable. Yes, lickable. There are 1,325 lickable cookies lining the wall which you can lick up and down as you go up and down."

5. For the dedicated fans of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga made of cat hair. From Embrace Pet Insurance blog:

In honor of National Hairball Awareness Day!

6. Would you eat this chocolate dog head cake? From Cake Wrecks:

7. This is true potty humor. NSFW and not for the faint of heart. Zombie Ass: The Toilet of the Undead is one movie I don't think I'll put in my Netflix cue anytime soon. (Thanks to Brie at Romance Around the Corner)

8. And your Regretsy WTFckery would be the perfect shoe wear for when you go clubbing.Everyone will be your new best friend also because of the candy in the dish.

Hope you have enjoyed this disturbing WTFckery for the week.



Bea said...

That poor puppy! I hope it's not going back to the *ssh0le who injured and said *ssh0le had better be charged with some crime against the puppy.

I have no patience or sympathy for people who hurt children or animals.

Now that dog cake - Yum!

Blodeuedd said...

So I would lick cookies others have licked? Ewwwwww

As for ebook pricing, amazon is rather evil , but I do not want all ebooks to be the same either. Cos I will not pay more for an ebook than for a print book

Penelope said...

That cover!!!!! Oy!!!!

Lola's owner is going to court at the end of April. Then they will make her available for adoption. I put in an application, and I'm crossing my fingers and toes!

Brie said...

For the record, I’m not a pervert (this is one of those phrases I never thought I would ever have the need to say). I don’t go around Youtube Japan looking for creppy and porno looking scatological movies. I saw that video on! And BTW, I hope those zombies attack the woman who did that to her poor dog.

Twimom227 said...

First: That elevator idea is just plain wrong! and ew ... germs EVERYWHERE! and I'm not a germ-a-phobe.

Second: I thought that first book was going to be about large gay male bears... until I read the description!