Sunday, April 22, 2012

WTFckery or Not? You Decide Earth Day Post

Happy WTFckery Earth Day everyone!

1. This story about a polar bear swimming for 9 days in search of ice is heartbreaking and scary. Because of global warming and climate change, there might not be enough ice for polar bears to find and because of that through fatigue of swimming they'll die. Something to think about when celebrating Earth Day today. From Io9:

"A female polar bear recently swam over 400 miles in water barely above freezing, apparently in search of ice that had not been melted by climate change. It's a tale that's equal parts insane, tragic, and completely terrifying.

The bear was being tracked with a GPS collar by researchers from the US Geological Survey. Zoologist George M. Durner explains the bear's remarkable trek:

"This bear swam continuously for 232 hours and 687 km and through waters that were 2-6 degrees C. We are in awe that an animal that spends most of its time on the surface of sea ice could swim constantly for so long in water so cold. It is truly an amazing feat."
Polar bears are known to swim, but never over distances or times as great as this. By tracking this particular bear's journey, we now know just how far bears can travel across open water...although it isn't without its consequences. The bear lost more than a fifth of her body fat in two months as a result of this journey, and her yearling cub was unable to survive the trip."

2. It's not a true WTFckery post without some WTF book covers.

3. Text from a dog:

4. Now your iPhone can be used as a weapon in case you're attacked or want to put a stop to some annoying person who talks on their iPhone too loud. From Io9:

"The Knucklecase is machined from solid aluminum ("totally recyclable," boasts the site) and fits both the 4 and the 4S. There are scant other details about the case excepting this disclaimer:

This product is to be used only as a handle and protective accessory for an iPhone. Any other use of the product is considered a misuse, resulting in the forfeiture of any express or implied warranty of fitness for purpose. By purchasing this product, you agree to hold the Company harmless for any misuse of the product, which results in damage to yourself or third parties. The case is available from the Knucklecase site for $100."

5. Another way to celebrate Earth Day. A flower that smells worse that poop. I don't think the scent of this flower will be bottled up into body wash or shampoo anytime soon. From Io9:

"The Hydnora's spherical flower grows on the roots of other plants and strongly resembles the graboids from Tremors. This strange plant has a putrid pollination tactic. It emits the scent of feces to attract nearby dung beetles. It's a generally remarkable flower, standing well over six feet tall, and this particular one has been steadily growing more than two inches a day since it first emerged from the soil in March. Switzerland's Basel Botanical Gardens is the latest to bring the flower to bloom in captivity, the first time in 75 years the country has seen such a bloom. In fact, there have been just 134 recorded artificial blooms since the first one in 1889, making the corpse flower a relatively rare treat - if you can call the smell of rotting flesh a "treat" - for botany enthusiasts."

6. Would you live in a toilet-shaped house? From Gizmodo:

"The 4,508-sq-foot structure features four deluxe toilets—one of which includes a misting device that helps users "feel more secure" and electronic motion sensors that lift and lower the lid when needed. And if that wasn't hilarious enough, Sim Jae-duck is letting patrons rent the house for an absurd $50,000 a day."

7. Barney the dinosaur's slight off center cousin? From Cake Wrecks:

8. Want to experience your own zombie apocalypse? Now you can thanks to Wish Co Uk: 

Zombie Shopping Mall! "Fight zombies in an abandoned shopping mall."  WTFckery factor is the price at $119 euros.

· Battle the zombie menace in an abandoned shopping mall
· Movie-quality special effects & video game-style missions
· 3+ hours of zombie killing action ·

 "In this spectacular ‘full immersion’ experience, you’ll be briefed and armed by the Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit. They’ll fill you in on the full, unfolding, undead apocalypse that is going down in Reading town. An apocalypse that, for once, you didn’t cause, but will have to try and fix. Then you’ll hit the spooky, deserted shopping mall, but you won’t be shopping for that lovely little Pashmina you saw in Littlewoods. Instead, you and your team will be depleting the zombie population with full Bronson-style perspicacity. Using state of the art special effects and large, blood-inducing props you’ll tackle a series of computer game like missions in a full-on 'run and gun' gore fest."

9. And your WTFckery Regretsy are for the fans of mummified animals.

Hope you all enjoyed this week's greatest in WTFCkery!



Blodeuedd said...

Lol, oh poor flabby butt man

Bea said...

Oh, the poor bear. And people doubt global warming? Yeesh.

You find the most interesting book covers. :P

AnnStefani said...

At first glance, I thought those limbs looked like some new species of frogs, must be the positioning (checks again) yep, frogs. And that was before I even read the title! My subconscious will forever equate frogs=magic now.