Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bear Meets Girl Book Review *Shelly Laurenston*

Reading a Shelly Laurenston novel is always a hoot. I’m beyond addicted to her Pride series. She has every type of shift changing animal in these books from lions, tigers and bears (oh my). I never thought I would enjoy a romance featuring a bear shifting hockey loving, anal retentive cop and a over the top spunky, hockey playing tiger chick who loves to drive said cop wild. Shelly’s latest release, Bear Meets Girl is beyond wacky, so much so you may get whiplash from the overabundance of characters and their loony antics. you’ll have a big smile on your face while you read.

Lou “Crush” Crushek is usually a very laid back guy. But he makes the mistake of having one too many Jell-O shots at a co-worker’s party and wakes up next to a naked She-Tiger. The She-Tiger freaks him out because she continues to snuggle with him and makes him believe she left her toddler daughter alone to fend to herself. Marcella “Bare Knuckles” Malone works as a protective agent for the KZS and plays professional hockey. Her father is mega big icon in that sport. Crush is a huge hockey fan but has no idea at first that the She-Tiger who rubbed him the wrong way is the daughter of the greatest hockey player ever. Since Cella and Crush come into contact with one another again, or rather she flirts with him purposely to embarrass him and asks him to be her pretend boyfriend to get her crazy family off her back, he gets to know her and they begin a very interesting relationship. Cella’s daughter is a high school senior and the exact opposite of her mother. She likes Crush and thinks he’s a good influence on Cella who has residual guilt for leaving her daughter Meghan alone for extended periods of time growing up. But for the most part, Meghan is well adjusted and wants Cella to be happy.

Soon enough Crush has been accepted into the Malone clan, including Cella’s fellow hockey player buddies. He still feels out of his element because these various animal shifters will fight and beat up one another just for fun. Crush feels more comfortable working undercover and dealing with thugs and drug dealers. Even though he’s been taken off undercover duty, he’s involved in stopping a powerful criminal woman, who coincidentally was his foster mother when he was growing up, and one he still can’t stand. Not only does he have to watch his back, but also Cella’s who now has a big bulls eye on her and has been targeted as revenge against Crush.

Bear Meets Girl brings forth the loony to the max. Cella at first drives Crush crazy. You really think they’ll never get together because for the most part Crush can’t seem to stand Cella. But then as they interact more, and she introduces him to her world and her family, he gains insight on why she acts the way that she does. From that he falls in love with her.

Shelly pretty much sticks to a formula that for the most part works. I really don’t know how she keeps track of all her characters because they arrive on the page and take over. Also, the conversations can be hard to follow because you don’t know who’s speaking unless you read carefully. But what I do know, and get a big kick out of, are the insults thrown around and the jaw dropping dialogue, especially the lines that come out of Cella’s mouth. There's one scene where Cella and Crush kiss, and she finds out how much heat Crush is packing in his pants. And no, I don’t mean his gun. Before she can jump his bone, she sees her friend Jai to complain about Crush and his big cock:

“That man is hung like a donkey. I will need all night to work that shit. And I will work it.”

This line had me in hysterics because this is exactly what you come to expect from a Laurenston novel.

If you’re looking for some fun time reading that will have you stitches, do pick up Bear Meets Girl. There’s more than a barrel of laughs in between the cover. (Brava)

Final Grade: B

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Mandi said...

zomg..I love that line. LOLOL. I need to read this series!

Rebe said...

I love this book... I think I've re-read sections of it a kabillion (that's a real number, I swear!) times since it came out. Soooo freakin' hilarious.

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

I love that series, Shelly always makes me laugh!