Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Internet Drama Explodes, It Calls for Some Adorable Kitten Goodness

I was going to right this long winded post about why reviews don't matter in the long scheme of things and how authors really need to stop commenting publicly on reviews, where they constantly tell a reader or reviewer why their opinion is wrong and why the author's opinion is always right. (this is happening far too much on Amazon and Goodreads. Who knew these two sites were the end all and be all of reviews and can make or break an author?)

This includes how negative reviews steals the author's livelihood and their hard earned dollars, including how negative reviews and the comments left on reviews on Goodreads are more like a "witch hunt" to ruin an author's good name.

The best is when yours truly speaks up and tells the author to cut it out and stop harassing a reviewer for their opinion on said author's book even if the reviewer thinks the book is from Genre A and the author argues their book is Genre B. Then that author goes on Facebook to rally the troops and calls yours truly (without mentioning my name) is a trolling author who is jealous, and because yours truly barely has any reviews on Amazon, she must be a poor writer and hasn't sold any books (per the comments left there). Yours truly would love to show her royalty statements to prove this false. But alas, there's enough drama as it is, mainly in regards to a certain refurbished fan fiction that people can't get enough of *coughfiftyshadesofgrey* that's stirring the pot.

Maybe when I'm in a better frame of mind you'll read a good old KB rant. but for now I leave you with this video because it makes me smile and seriously, we need some smiles and cheer. Say hello to Tifa the cat who thinks she's a dog.

"Our cat, Tifa, is a little "species confused". She plays "fetch", pants like a dog, and wags her tail! This video is from when Tifa was about 6 months old. For those of you concerned about the panting, she went through several tests and the vets saw nothing wrong with her. She only panted when running and playing for too long."



Gail Hart said...

The author you speak of is crazy like a fox. Her outbursts have kept her name and the title of her book out front long after the buzz would normally have died down. All that noise is nothing more than promo - don't let it get to you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is happening to you.

I wanted to come online to tell you that Good Morning America did a piece on 50 Shades of Grey this morning and the only reason I knew about it was because of your blog. So, thank you for writing your post about the book's origins and your review. If I hadn't read your blog, the excitement from Elizabeth Vargas and the woman she interviewed would have prompted me to go online to preorder it. (Though I guess I would have read some of the bad reviews and stopped myself.)

Are you going to BEA this year? I haven't decided whether to attend.


KB/KT Grant said...

Gail: I'm staring to realize this about this author.

Karen:I heard about the piece but still haven't watched it. I hope to watch on line soon.

And thanks for visiting my little old blog :)

I'm planning on going to BEA. It's a great time! If you love books, authors and meeting people who love books and authors, it's the place to be.

Laura said...

I was a witness to that FB thread and none of those things were said by her.

Jess said...

I can also attest to the fact that the other author did not say any of those things you accuse her of saying. Talk about sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

So you are qouting the author?? She really post that about you? Im asking because Im looking and I havent saw what you said she told about you.

I only saw that for whatever reason you are mixed in all this drama.

KB/KT Grant said...

I have the original FB note the author left on their FB.

But I have also not mentioned the author by name, so maybe you're thinking of another author?

KB/KT Grant said...

"There is a witch hunt going on, and another author is a big part of it." From Facebook.

Kate the Book Buff said...

I'll say that I have no idea what is going on, but I agree that drama, internet or otherwise, sucks. I had an author jump down my throat about a negative review (the book was awful, but I said it nicely)she enlisted all of her friends to come and spam my whole blog with awful comments etc. It drives me crazy. Anyway, hope everything clears up for you!

-Kate the Book Buff
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KB/KT Grant said...

Kate: some people are going to think I'm wrong, have sour grapes or whatnot, But I also felt the need to state my case in not so many words. And I wanted to show a kitten in all it's cuteness.

Has said...

You know any authors who behave badly and use this as way to generate publicity either by getting their sockpuppets or friends to go y'all mean girls and trying to control the critical reception of a book. They shall be all known Voldermortina. This year has been a glutfest. But I think this was a cynical ploy and very hypocritical and I've seen that FB thread too before she deleted it. Its not worth it because this is what she wants because its about confirming that there is a so called witch hunt even though she's so freaking hypocritical about the genre specification - even her GR profile states YA profile and she never complained before about it being classed YA. Meh pretty tired of her tired crap its not even amusing in a cray cray way. Its really best to ignore her - she can fake another outrage in a few weeks and ignore that too. Best way to handle that is for her to hear crickets when she can complain about non-existent witch-hunts.

KMont said...

I agree with Gail. Also, never touching said author's books. Ever. I actually had a brief thought about trying out The One, but nah. Not worth it. It's best to ignore the authors that behave this way.

Blodeuedd said...

Now it makes me wonder who said author is cos I do tend to put a mental reminder to stay away from authors who go insane

P. Kirby said...

Uh, I'm just happy when someone reads my books: good or bad review. I'm a tad on the sensitive side, so I don't go looking for reviews (avoid them, actually), but I'm baffled by authors can think they can control what is being said about their book. On the Internet, no less.

Short of a some kind of powerful mind-ray (like the one I'm building in my garage--bwah, ha, ha!), you can't make everyone love your book. Reviews happen. Life goes on.

Laura said...

What your readers need to remember is that there are always two sides to a story. I have never once seen this author behave in the way it's being said on here. And yes, I know which author you are referring to.

Tell me something, you are an author. If you felt one of your books was being misrepresented, would you not want to correct that?

KB/KT Grant said...

Laura: If my book was being misrepresented I assume by genre, it would bother me. Not before you say I'm lying, I've been on both sides of the fence as both a reviewer and author.

I started out reviewing 10 years ago and still do on my blog and elsewhere. When I became an author, I decided not to correct a review in public no mater how wrong I thought it would be. Why? Because as a reviewer I've walked in those shoes. And there are more than a few reviews out there of my work that I feel have some misrepresentation, but I let it go, even the hurtful and very snarky and mean ones. I don't obsess over it because it will drive me up the wall.

The worst thing and author can do is search for reviews and Google alert their name and their work. Reviews don't make or break sales honestly. I've seen some of the worst reviews for books and yet the books go on to do very well in sales.

I consider myself to be a romance author and I may do a double take if someone says, for the sake of argument,that one of my books is a Western or a murder mystery when it's obvious it's not. But then I think, why would I correct them? A person may read that review who enjoys Westerns and murder mysteries and may pick up my book for whatever reason. I'm branching out to a wider audience.

I also admit when an author anywhere tells a reviewer they're wrong and the author feels they're the only one with the right opinion, it raises my blood pressure because out of all the books in the world, that reviewer decided to read yours and spread the word about your work.

Anonymous said...

Teddypig ~

Commenting by an author on even a positive review is just not right. I am with you on that note. We should all know by now reviews are for readers.

Authors commenting on their books reviews is simply about ego.

Even if I do a nice review of your book send me an email say hey and maybe add in a free ebook... I can be bought just not in public.

Ginifer said...

I would like to know where in "the author's" post did it state you barely have any reviews on Amazon and must be a poor writer and haven't sold any books. I've read said post and that was NOT in there. Hey! How about a link so your readers can see the original post? No harm in that right - for people to read the post you are discussing here? Oh and wow, you even found a way to throw Fifty Shades under the bus here. Has E.L. James made commented publicly on you or your work? <--That's a geniune question, not sarcasm.

KB/KT Grant said...

I didn't say the author said it. Those who commented did on her Facebook note did.

And I wasn't throwing 50 Shades under the bus, but directed the link to the Dear Author post today about it and the whole Twilight fan fiction drama surrounding it.

Ginifer said...

I apologize for misunderstanding the poor writer comment. However, calling Fifty Shades "refurbished fan fiction" can be interpreted as a negative comment. Has E.L. James commented on you or your work publicly?

KB/KT Grant said...

But 50 Shades is former fan fic James posted under the title of Master of the Universe and refurbished it as 50 Shades of Grey.

Look at Dear Author:

I also reviewed the trilogy as a reviewer when her published sent the books to me.

Ginifer said...

I am aware EL James originally published MOTU on Twilight fanfiction. I also believe Fifty Shades is not simply a re-write of Twilight. Sure, the original character names were from Twilight.
But I don't recall any child abuse, BDSM, or CEO's in Twilight. It was her inspiration, but that does not mean she is not a talented author. About the Dear Author post on this: I noticed she did not run Twilight through these systems against Fifty Shades. Again, has E.L. James ever commented on you or your work publicly?

Anonymous said...

Teddypig ~

Sock Puppet much there Ginifer? You seem really good at it.

KMont said...

I've had to learn the lesson the hard way in the past that authors with devout fans willing to rush in to crush anyone the author sees as threatening (whether they actually are or not, more often - NOT) are never worth the trouble to read. This kind of reaction is what it gets a person every time, the folks coming here to try to discredit Katiebabs.

What has been going on with the author has been happening because of said author for a while now and plenty of others see it for what it is - an author who cannot stay out of the reviewer circle, where reviews are for readers, NOT authors. I saw her refer to reviews of her books as HER reviews (on an Amazon review of her book, which has over 70 comments now, BTW) as her reviews. That's what the problem is, that she seems to firmly believe they are her reviews and nobody elses.

I'm a huge proponent of the old mileage varying scenario and have never encouraged anyone to NOT read a book I didn't enjoy. I might hate the book with a passion, but I do not expect others to be "Warned off" from it. But this is different. Authors who actively pursue reviewers to intimidate and try to silence are not worth reading. Their fans often do not respect that people see different things when reading and her more enthusiastic fans have repeatedly said downright cruel and abusive things about anyone who dares to dislike or question something in her book, and that with the author's support and encouragement for doing so.

That is not the kind of author I care to support. Readers should be able to express their opinions on a book without such harassment. And we shouldn't have to put up with authors that do it.

I will say, as I've said before on such subjects, that most authors are not like this at all. Most are very appreciative of readers, even the ones that do not find favor with their work. Unfortunately, though, the ones that make it an uncomfortable, abusive scenario all too often stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Ginifer said...

I will take that as a no. I agree that Jamie McGuire should not have asked for votes in the YA category whether she asked for the nomination or not. I also agree that it is not professional behavior for an author to comment on a review of their book. I don't agree with Ms. McGuire's decision to provide a link to the review on her FB page.

However, if Jamie wants to defend herself or her work on her own FB page/blog/website, I don't see a problem. KB/KT Grant I do not believe you have handled yourself very professionaly throughout this situation either (and I'm not just referencing this blog). If you wanted to stick up for the reader, then that's great, but one comment would have sufficed. Going on and on and mentioning the drama (50 Shades) even in a negative way only serves to add fuel to the fire. State your opinion/defend someone or yourself and move on. Jamie McGuire should do the same.

Anonymous said...

Teddypig Translation...

Ginifer the attack muppet hates hates hates KB for speaking her mind about some stupid bitch.

Of course good old missy "do no wrong" lives on some other planet run by some set of "professional" writer rules none of us ever heard the fuck about.

Authors must only say nicey nice things about other author's books they read because missy Ginifer will haul her fat ass over to tell them they are so awful.

Be a nice girl now don't say nothing that might upset the self righteous fucktard.

Remember writers are all big one happy family except when they step out of line.

Then Ginifer of the professional police will come down from on high to judge our conduct.

I got three simple easy to remember words for you Ginifer... GO TO HELL!.

Fucking ignorant bitch.

KB/KT Grant said...

I never do this, but I'm closing down the comments on this post. I welcome all types of discussion even ones who I may disagree with and those who disagree with me, even Ginifer, who I respect her opinion, But I can't allow harassment. it gets too out of control and becomes a firestorm.

I thank you all for your thoughts and opinions about this issue. Now let's all find good books to read and more cute cat videos to enjoy.