Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thief Book Review *Ava March*

Ava March’s latest, Thief, the first in her Brook Street series is one historical romance novella you must read. The sexuality and emotion shared between the two main male characters is as close to perfect as you can get when building believable tension and a growing love and respect that involves a couple. What even makes this better is that the main couple uses the “opposites attract” trope and one I'll never get tired of.

Lord Benjamin Parker is very lonely because he’s attracted to men but has never acted on his secret desires. He decides to go to a club that caters to men who enjoy the company of other man that will eventually lead to sex. Benjamin throws caution to the wind, and what he finds at Clements surprises him. Clements is very much like a gentlemen’s club with gambling and drinking. In this environment Ben may find a man he can connect with and up in bed with. He's approached by a man named Cavin who joins him in a game of cards, some drinking and pleasant conversation. They then end up at a hotel and have a night that exceeds all of Ben’s expectations.

Cavin leaves Ben before he can awaken. Cavin works for the shady Hale as thief, along with the younger boys Hale keeps with him. Cavin goes to clubs like Clements, seduces rich lords and robs them blind after he's tired them out after sex. Unfortunately Cavin took Ben’s jacket by accident and must return it and get his own jacket back (the jacket Cavin wore is Hale’s) before Hale finds out and beats him. Cavin wants to see Ben again because the night they both shared was amazing and unlike anything he ever experienced. But since he’s a guttersnipe and Ben is a respect lord, he knows their relationship is over even before it can begin. But Ben won’t let Cavin walk out of his life, and after an altercation that leaves Cavin bruised and beaten, he'll move heaven and earth to protect Cavin and keep him close by his side.

Thief is one of the best Gay romances I’ve read in recent memory. Ava excels so well with her dialogue and the smoldering, I need more love scenes between Ben and Cavin. I adored both of these men and I loved how there’s really no dominate or submissive nature to their relationship. They treat each other as equals, even though they're so different mainly because of their lifestyles and upbringing.

Thief was too short for me. I wanted more of everything. Also I felt the situation between Cavin and Hale was dropped too suddenly and the ending was questionable regarding the Ben and Cavin’s HEA. But again, Ava really knows how to write a luscious, steamy and overall top notch romance. She has done that here with Thief. I look forward to the next two stories in this series.

If you’re looking for some spiciness to your historical romance with some great male interaction, do give Thief a read. (Available at Carina Press for $3.59)

Final Grade: B

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Mandi said...

I loved this book too!! I like all her stuff. swoon

Blodeuedd said...

I really must try an MM book by her :)