Monday, January 23, 2012

Instead of Bad Author Drama Llama, How About Some Giraffe Tongue?

And the drama llama keeps on coming!

This latest is in regards to the "F" review Jane (Litte not LittLe as some think) gave Koko Brown's, self-published book, Player's Ultimatum. Click here to read.

The comments have gone off the rails due to some supporters of Kiko's, like Sandy who believes:

"Rule number 1 of any Reviewer’s code is to NOT attack punctuation and grammar. Do you know how many “Best Seller” books I have read that contain grammatical errors? Sure, my OCD mind jumps all over it, but I refrain from the personal attacks. Maybe you missed the “Personal & Professional Ethics” memo."

As a reviewer, I missed this memo.

And then Koko decided to post a blog in response to Jane's review of Player's Ultimatum called, Dear Author: A Bad Review or Retaliation.

Koko states in her post (a few excerpts):

"Dear Author never rarely reviews Interracial/Multicultural romances..."

"Of course being the outspoken person that I am, I made sure the snitch coward fellow author in the confidential Yahoo! Group knew that I didn’t appreciate them trying to throw me under the bus for their gain especially to a review site, who I’ve always looked at as the Perez Hilton of the publishing industry and straight out bullies.

I guess the snitch coward fellow author didn’t take it too kindly that I called them on the carpet. And I’m sure Jane didn’t like being called a bully.  Who knows, but it sure does make you wonder if her review of Player’s Ultimatum was really just a review of a book “she stumbled upon” or simply retaliation.

Personally, I hope this is the beginning of a brand new era at Perez Hilton Dear Author where they review more multicultural/interracial romances because little do they know we do have an audience."

And what does a giraffe tongue have to do with any of this? The hero's skill at reaching the heroine's G-spot is because of his giraffe like tongue.

"Paolo pitched his tongue inside her and up in an effort to hit her G-spot. Finding the general area, he stroked and stroked."

A visual I can't get out of my mind now.

Even more eye rolling WTFckery reaction from an author who shouldn't comment about negative reviews their books receives. It always ends poorly with some poor sap (meaning me) googling a giraffe's long, honking black tongue and flinching, imagining the hero using it on the heroine in not so sexy ways.



heidenkind said...

Whoa, there was a memo?!? I miss all the good memos. ::((

Marg said...

A giraffe tongue is all well and good for finding the g spot but seriously...imagine that going down your throat!

Twimom227 said...

Seriously... I did NOT need that visual. *shakes head*