Tuesday, July 5, 2011

KB's Report from the NYC 2011 RWA National Convention *Part 3*

Wednesday afternoon and meeting one of my author idols...

I arrived back at the hotel Wednesday afternoon and went right up into the Swag Room. The biggest thing going around were author's romance trading cards. I think I saw hundreds of them floating around. While in the Swag Room. I was so very happy to have finally met Kim, who runs the SOS Aloha blog and met a new to me blogger, Mary who runs the Reading Reviewer. Also a few authors were floating around. I saw Elizabeth Hoyt, Caridad Pineiro, Larissa Ione (she has the most awesome cherry red highlights in her hair).

Mary, Kieran and me (my shirt makes me look so huge. Gack)

Unfortunately, I didn't go to any workshops or panels. And I missed the Keynote lunch where Madeline Hunter spoke. But I was very lucky to have been invited to both Avon and the Berkley party. I decided to go to Berkley's instead where it was at the famous Sardi's restaurant.

Sardi's is located in the theater district "and best known for the hundreds of caricatures of show-business celebrities that adorn its walls."

The Berkley party rocked! I saw so many authors from Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, Julie James, Wendy Wax, Nalini Singh, Carolyn Jewel, Meljean Brook, Jess Granger, Megan Frampton, Liz Maverick and Gwen Hayes. I also talked with Gwen's agent, Jessica Sinsheimer of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency.  Jessica mainly reps Young Adult and she was very lovely to chat with.

Berkley had a great spread and had shrimp! I love shrimp. But I didn't get to eat any. I ended up drinking red wine and had more than a few glasses. Hmmmm wine.

For some reason I always end up being one of the last remaining people to stay until the very end of a party. Along with Elizabeth Kerri Mahon, we make our way back to the hotel and this is where I had a big fan girl experience.

There are two authors I've been dying to meet most of my life. They are my idols and the main reason I read and write. One is Stephen King. I'd seriously get down on my knees and thank him for his books. The other one I finally met this night and it was beyond surreal. I'm surprise I can still remember my interaction because I was awestruck.

The story goes as follows...

I come out of Sardi's with Elizabeth and there's another woman she's talking to. The woman looks familiar to me but I couldn't place her face. I introduce myself and she does the same and says her name is Lisa. I didn't have that light bulb moment until I hear Elizabeth and Lisa talking about beauty pageants and then it hit me. I stop and turn and say, "You're Lisa Kleypas!" Lisa said, "Yes."

I blame the wine on this, but I start stuttering, in total shock because I've been waiting my whole life (or so it seems) to meet Lisa. I ramble off her books titles such as Dreaming or You and Blue Eyed Devil. And of course I had to slip in there that Derek didn't sleep with the whore (if you read Dreaming of You, you know what I mean).

All three of us are smack in the middle of Times Square. I can barely think straight because this is MO FO LISA KLEYPAS! And I have to thank Elizabeth so very much because she recommended Lisa and I should take a picture together.

Lisa and me (I'm so beyond dazed)

Now here is the embarrasssing part. After we took the picture I break down crying as I tell Lisa how reading Blue Eyed Devil was such a moving experience for me. That book stunned me by the end because it hit so close to home for me. Lisa, Elizabeth and I ended up chatting for close to 30 minutes outside the Marriott.

Lisa showed us her cover for one of her upcoming contemporary books (I can't remember which one) and I asked her if she was going to still write historical romance. She said yes (I breathed a sigh of relief over that).

There are no words to describe how I felt meeting and talking with Lisa. Afterward, I went back into the hotel with the biggest, goofiest grin on my face. Meeting Lisa Kleypas is something I will never forget and a memory I will cherish forever.

This is what a conference like RWA is about. Meeting great people and memories.

Stay tuned for some pictures from the publisher signings I attended...



Mandi said...

Oh how fun!!!

KMont said...

How amazing!! What a wonderful way to meet her and end your day. :D

Kim in Hawaii said...

Aloha! Thanks for the shout out! I remember "seeing" you last year at RomCon ... but it was great to chat with you this year at RWA! Keep up the great blogs and books!

Marg said...

Oh how awesome! I would love to meet Lisa Kleypas!

The Reading Reviewer said...

It was so great to meet you and I can't tell you how inspired I was after talking to you.

My fan moment came two years ago when I started crying after I met Julia Quinn (and stalked her a little later but we don't talk about that - much). We all have them and it is one of the most amazing parts of being a reader - to stand next to the person that inspires you.

PS - I seriously thought I looked good in the shirt until I saw that picture what was I thinking when I bought that - geez.

KB/KT Grant said...

Mandi: So much fun! And wine! And food!

Kmont: Still in awe here.

Kim: So glad we got to talk :)

Marg: She was so sweet.

TRR: *blush* It was a pleasure to meet you.