Saturday, June 4, 2011

KB's Adventures at BEA 2011 Part 4

Unfortunately you couldn't go inside. Just for show.

Thursday was the final day of BEA. Again I got there in the morning and search out more author autograph signings.

Anna Carey has a Dystopian YA coming out from HarperTeen in October. Eve is the first book in her Eve Trilogy about a deadly virus that has wiped out the Earth's population and about Eve, who to her horror finds out what's in store for her. She ends up meeting a boy on her travels, which I can pretty much soon will transform into love between the both of them. Eve is another YA that has a lot of buzz behind it and I heard it's comparable to A Handmaid's Tale.

Nightshade is the second book in Maryrose Wood's Poison Dairies series (HarperTeen, October). The reason I picked up the book is because of the cover and Nightshade is described as dark, Gothic romance. And the heroine is an assassin.

C.H. Admirand was signing her March release from Sourcebooks at the RWA booth. Tyler is the first book in her Secret Life of Cowboys series. Before her signing, I was waiting in line at the RWA booth for another author and I had mentioned to Marnie about Tyler and I heard it was a good book. The woman in front of me turns around and says she heard it was a good book as well. It was C.H. I don't even want to know what I would have done if I had said I heard the opposite. We had a good laugh over it. And of course I had to ask how steamy Tyler is. C.H. tells me there's hot sex on the bar scene. I'm sold!

There were many other booths promoting self-publishing services and Lulu was one of them. I really liked Lulu's booth were they gave away hats, pens and other fun things. Plus the people there were very nice and enjoyable to talk to. I had fun with them, as you can see.

Sourcebooks along with Harlequin, Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster and Random House had the biggest booths at BEA. Sourcebooks really promoted themselves and I liked their booth set up, including their author signings and how they promoted their current and future releases.

The wide variety of Sourcebooks books

Along my travels I met a few new to me bloggers such as Alix who runs the Romance Book Forum (Her blog is awesome, you must check it out) and Brittany from Looksie Lovitz. I was also very happy to finally have met Julia from Rex Robot Reviews. I've been a fan of her blog for a long time. A bunch of us made plans to go to lunch and up pops Julia. It was great to finally have met her.

BEA ended at 3pm, but not for book bloggers. There was a book blogger reception where publishing professionals, authors and most importantly book bloggers mingled and talked to one another. I was thrilled to have finally met Michelle at Galleysmith, one of the women in charge of BBC this year. I really have to applaud Michelle for all her hard work and creating a great platform on her blog.

A new to me author I met at the reception is Talia Carner. She just published a book on June 1st with Harpercollins called Jerusalem Maiden. Jerusalem Maiden is a combination of women's fiction, historical and romance. "The poignant, colorful, and unforgettable story of a young woman in early 20th-century Jerusalem who must choose between her faith and her passion."

Another author roaming the reception was Leanna Renee Hieber along with the Sourcebooks crew. I had a nice conversation with Senior Editor Leah Hultenschmidt who acquires romance and YA projects. The buzz is all about Leanna's Darker Still. I can't wait for this book to come out.

By the time the reception ended, I was loopy from exhaustion, so much that I really started to babble (the reason my blog is named). Off I went home and recharged for one more final day of fun at the 2nd annual Book Blogger Convention.

7 books found this time = $91.00

Next up impressions from BBC...