Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Edge of Night Book Review *Jill Sorenson*

When it comes to Jill Sorenson, I hold her work in high esteem. Every book I’ve read by her has been great. Jill really knows how to pen atmospheric suspense thrillers that reminds me Hollywood American film noir, better known as the crime drama. Her books are also flavorful and spicy, where you’re kept guessing as to whom the villain is until the very last moment.

The Edge of Night is Jill’s best work to date. There are many subjects brought up and dealt with. We have a serial killer targeting young woman, gang violence, dirty cops, as well as an idealistic cop who falls for a single mother who wants a better life for herself and her daughter. This is one book that would be a great movie because of everything that occurs, as well as a steamy hot romance that will have you glued to the pages.

Officer Noah Young patrols the streets of Chula Vista, a town “sandwiched between San Diego and Tijuana”, near the Mexican border. Noah has dreams of becoming a homicide detective, but he first has to put in his time. His partner Patrick, who has thirty years on the force, thinks Noah is too blue and cares too much. During a routine patrol, Noah and Patrick find the body of a woman who has been raped and suffocated from the plastic bag around her head. Patrick pretty much assumes the woman is a victim of gang violence because of where she was found and perhaps her possible ties to the gangs. Noah thinks differently. They go to the deceased woman’s place of work, and that’s were Noah meets April Ortiz.

April works as a waitress at Club Suave; a former strip joint turned singles bar. April knows all too well about the gangs since Raul, the father of her daughter, Jenny, is a member of the Mexican Mafia and now in prison. April is also going to school to become a social worker, while trying to keep Jenny safe from the ugly streets. She also gets help from Eric, the younger brother of Raul. Eric is trying to leave the gang he’s in, although he does sell drugs, mainly marijuana on the side while working at a supermarket. April is shocked to hear of her co-workers’ death, and although it’s against her better judgment, she gives Noah some information that could help him find the killer.

Noah can’t get April off his mind, but is wary of asking her out because of his job and what’s expected of him. Also, his younger sister Meghan has dropped out of college. She moves in with him and finds a job, coincidentally at the same supermarket Eric works at. Soon Meghan and Eric become friends to Noah disdain. And then another body is found brutalized on the beach of a woman both Meghan and Eric worked with.

As Noah hunts this elusive killer, he also takes the time to court April. Since April has had bad luck with men in the past and feels she doesn’t have time for romance, she tries to keep Noah at a distance. But Noah refuses to allow April to walk out of his life. Not only does Noah treat Jenny wonderful, but he also respects April’s decision to go very slowly, that is until their attraction for one another can’t be ignored. This leads to some very hot and fast, almost animalistic sex between the two in April’s kitchen. Now the ball is in April’s court. Is she willing to trust Noah not to hurt her? How will Noah react when he finds out about Raul and his possible knowledge about the killer terrorizing the women of the city?

The Edge of Night is very “edgy”. I love how Jill was able to bring out so many twists and turns. I felt like I was watching an episode of CSI: Las Vegas unfold. Jill really knows how to grab a reader by their throat and keep them interested. I had absolutely no clue who the killer was and it came as a complete surprise.
Noah is a perfect gentleman. He’s a protector in every sense of the word from the way he’s with his sister Meghan to April. Noah is more of a beta than an alpha, that is until he and April become intimate. Can we say hot banging against the refrigerator sex for the win? Noah is truly a hero in every sense of the word. I also liked how Meghan and Eric’s relationship played out. These two connect on a deep level and watching them try to work things out, mainly from Eric’s end is heartbreaking because of the life Eric has been forced into.

The Edge of Night exceeded all my expectations and then some. The only issue I have is that I’m dying to go to the beach since many scenes were on the beach, near the beach or had mentions of the beach.

I guess you could say The Edge of Night is a perfect read for the beach and one for great summer reading. Another winner from Jill Sorenson! (Bell)

Final Grade: A-

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Carolyn Crane said...

Great review! I agree, this was such a wonderful book. Complex characters, great realism and some serious heat. I'll meet you at the beach.

Mandi said...

Oh wow..I need to read this one!

Jill Sorenson said...

Thanks for the great review, KB!! You're a doll.

I've been thinking about how I'd label Noah. Good Boy Alpha? It was fun to write a cop hero who wasn't all dark and wounded and jaded. The other characters had enough angst to go around.

Anyway, so glad you enjoyed him. I'm very proud of that against-the-fridge scene!!

KB/KT Grant said...

CC: Dying for the beach!

Mandi: Yes, you really need to.

Jill: I like the idea of a good boy alpha :) I need a Noah in my life.

Kim in Hawaii said...

Hmmm, I have plenty of beaches to read this book! Thanks for the review!