Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl 2011!

Last year a group of bloggers came together to write letters to the authors they admire. This year we decided to do it again, thanks to Kassa at Three AM. From June 1st until July 7th, 37 blogs will post a letter on their blogs. And if you're a blogger, you are more than welcome to join in on the fun and pen your own letter to an author who has brought you joy with their books.

The list of blogs partaking in this event goes as follows:

June 1st
June 2nd
June 3rd
June 4th
June 5th
June 6th Swept Away Again
June 7th
June 8th
June 9th
June 10th
June 11th
June 12th
June 13th My Friend Amy
June 14th Tam’s Reads
June 15th
June 16th
June 17th
June 18th Smexy Books
June 19th
June 20th
June 21st
June 22nd
June 23rd
June 24th
June 25th *ME*
June 26th
June 27th
June 28th
June 29th
June 30th
July 1st
July 2nd
July 3rd
July 4th
July 5th A Buckeye Girl Reads
July 6th
July 7th

Join me on June 25th when I post my author appreciation letter.

If you had to write a letter of appreciation to one of your favorite authors, who would you write to and why?



Ren said...

Hi Katie *waving*
My all-time favourite author is LaVyrle Spencer. Everyone of her books touched my heart and when she retired, I was so depressed.
For real.
I've been collecting her books with the original covers (they are so hard to find).
If you've never read her books, please start with The Endearment. Its my favourite one.