Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alien in the Family Book Review *Gini Koch*

After reading Touched by an Alien and Alien Tango, I can trust Gini Koch to give me a fun, wacky and out of this world (yes, the pun is intended) story. With Alien in the Family, Gini has done it again. This is one story that’s comparable to a tilt-o-whirl ride. The characters are a loopy, and at times, insane bunch. The story itself is so ridiculous that it shouldn’t work, but in Gini’s hands it does. Kitty Kat and her hunky alien lover, Jeff Martini have become one of my favorite couples in recent years, and their attraction, or for a better word, insane lust they have for one another makes for great reading If you’re a fan of the smut, look no further than this couple). The entire world could fall apart around them, and they would still find the time for a quickie in some elevator of bathroom before they met their doom. Such actions should make me roll my eyes, which I happened to do a few times while reading Alien in the Family, but I couldn’t get enough of it. By the time I finished, I had a big grin on my face and channeled my inner Oliver Twist where I asked, “Please sir, may I have more?”

Alien in the Family is all about Vegas since Kitty, Martini and her crew end up there, and not for Kitty’s wedding, but because that’s where they’re fighting the Alpha Centauri and other strange looking intergalactic species. They feel Kitty isn’t good enough to marry Martini because he’s royalty and Kitty is a commoner and a human. Not only does Kitty have the stress of planning a wedding, but having to put up with these nose in the air, condensing aliens who prey upon her and want her out of the picture. But what they don’t know is that Kitty has major back up. Talk about one lucky girl who has too many men to count who are willing to die to protect her.

Alien in the Family shows a different side to Kitty we haven’t seen before. She’s always had a level head, but Kitty has a great amount of stress to deal with this time around. First she has to put Martini at ease, especially when it comes to her best friend Chuckie. Kitty never knew that Chuckie was in love with her and wanted to marry her. After their week long fling in Vegas that occurred before the series began, she was interested in changing the dynamics of their friendship, but then Martini came into her life. Martini can’t stand Chuckie, and his jealous tends to pop up whenever Kitty and Chuckie are in close proximity to one another. But Kitty knows how to handle Martini, and Chuckie as well. A simple flash of her boobs puts them in their place. Also, fans of Reader will be in heaven since he has more a main role. Kitty relies on Reader to keep her sanity in check as he takes care of the wedding preparations Kitty has no time for since she’s trying to save the world.

Kitty can do no wrong in anyone’s eyes. Some readers may find this tiresome and the term, “Mary Sue” comes to mind. Even when Kitty is attacked by a female alien, who’s part of an alien women group that hates male in all forms, she tries to seduce Kitty. Kitty’s reaction to the alien assassin was quite funny as well as what happens afterwards because it introduces a new set of creatures that will bring forth the Awwws.

These creatures are basically an ode to Star Trek.


Not only do we have visiting aliens that look like cats, dogs, and lizards (I was expecting a llama alien to pop up) but things called Poofs. A Poof is exactly what you think it is. A purring, adorable fuzz ball that at any moment can get into attack mode and eat a person if it’s so inclined.

Scary, attack mode Poof

In Touched by an Alien it was Kitty flying a fighter jet with no prior experience, then in Alien Tango it was using alligators as weapons, now Gini gives us poofs as the next big thing to stun the reader and make them break down into giggles. And wait until you see what everyone names their new poofs. It’s very adorable and funny. I can so see the Poofs as a new line of plush toys or even a children’s book.

Can I haz a Poof?

Even though Alien in the Family may seem like a straight up comedy, there’s more here than meets the eye. Gini makes sure to get a message across about acceptance in all forms, whether it’s someone religion, gender or sexual preference. The subject of prejudice is the big focal point. I noticed this when the characters have time to talk things over and discuss the future. And it’s done in such a way where it’s not forced down your throat.

I had so much fun reading Alien in the Family. I had more than enough chuckles, including a nice amount of sexy times between Martini and Kitty. Gini sure does know how to write a steamy bathing scene between the two. I also love how Martini is this perfect man from looks to personality, but has a self-esteem issue when it comes to Kitty. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for her and worries Kitty will see this and leave him. Kitty also feels the same way Martini does, where he’ll wise up and figure out she’s nothing special. These two are each other’s soul mates in very sense of the word and watching them strengthen their bond together is everything I love about this couple.

Alien in the Family is my favorite book of Gini’s to date. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for Kitty and Jeff and their family to come. (DAW)

Final Grade: B+

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Gini, who was in NYC for a visit and a book signing at Posman Books in Grand Central Station. Gini was dying to meet Mho (I think even more than meeting me!)

Me, Mho and Gini. Mho as you can see is getting a bit friendly with Gini's Aerosmith T-shirt. (or maybe he just wanted to cop a feel)

Awww... Mho and Gini.

Did you know that Gini has a mascot like I do? She has a skunk named Skunky. Mho had a great time meeting Gini and talking about her books, and if her series was made into a movie, who would play Martini. I bet you'll never guess who.



"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Sounds like a book with some humorous moments. The Critter's pic is going to have me creeped out all day..;->

csilibrarian said...

Your review has totally convinced me to give the first book in the series another try. Thank you! :)