Sunday, April 3, 2011

WTF Or Not? You Decide

Some truly disturbing and eye popping WTFckery coming your way...

1. This is a very sad WTFckery. I guess being a train wreck and promoting a reality show lifestyle is worth more than an educated and well respected author. Snooki of Jersey Shore fame was paid $32k for 2 hours to speak at Rutgers University, while Toni Morrison will be paid $2k less when she speaks there next month. From NJcom:

"What’s worth more? A commencement speech by a Nobel-winning novelist? Or a pair of Q&A sessions with one of reality television’s biggest stars?

At Rutgers University, Snooki edges out Toni Morrison by a couple thousand dollars.

Last month, Rutgers officials said they had booked Morrison — author of "Beloved," "Song of Solomon" and other novels — to speak in a 52,000-seat football stadium at commencement in May. She will be paid $30,000, marking the first time Rutgers has written a check for a graduation speaker.

Snooki's appearance at Rutgers met with mixed reactions from students Snooki's appearance at Rutgers met with mixed reactions from students Over 1,000 Rutgers students lined the Livingston Student Center to see MTV's Snooki in a question and answer session. The Jersey Shore reality star 'sold out' two separate sessions but admission was free on a first come, first serve basis. Students waited in line as early as 1pm for an 8pm start. The Rutgers University Programming Association paid $32,000 for Snooki's appearance."

2. A Breastfeeding Milk Doll? I can always count on Alison Pang for awesome WTFckery... Also God supports this doll, as stated on the website. It's a blessed lactating doll for $90.

3. Perhaps one day I too can own a $220 million yacht like Steven Speilberg. From JamesList:

"Steven Spielberg was recently spotted in St. Barth’s and St. Maarten aboard his new toy, the 86-metre Oceanco superyacht Seven Seas. Featuring naval architecture by Azure and an interior design scheme by Nuvolari & Lenard, the impressive ship was launched by the Dutch shipbuilder a few months back and is a fitting vessel for the uber-director. Said to have cost about $200 million, the yacht features an infinity pool with a 15-ft. glass wall that doubles as a movie screen for viewing footage from the auteur’s latest creations. Stability systems allow it to travel smoothly at 20 knots.

The Seven Seas has accommodation and extensive amenities for 12 guests along with a crew of 26, including a private owner’s deck with a large separate master stateroom with a study and private deck area with a Jacuzzi. Walnut, teak and rosewood abound. Other luxury touches include a fully equipped Gymnasium, a spa and massage room and another, indoor cinema.

4. Massive fuzzy cotton ball bunny here!

5. For those who have, shall we say a problem with pants that may be too tight in the crotch area. Looks like a shoe horn to me. From Smooth Groove Designs:

"Women can rejoice – our very last wardrobe malfunction has now been addressed!

SmoothGroove is a comfortable, hygienically safe and discreet solution to Camel Toe, and fits easily and securely into underwear to provide a reassuringly smooth outline. It’s been designed to work with the natural movement of the body and prevents clothing from riding up at the front."

6. WTF is up with the bacon lusting? Seriously, do we need bacon flavored air? From The Consumerist:

"It's like Nicorette for bacon addicts. It's a small inhaler of bacon-flavored air so you can get your porcine fix without those nasty side effects like cholesterol or heart attacks.

For $8.99:  BaconAir™, a revolutionary new product that combines the deliciousness of bacon with the unrivaled health benefits of 95% pure Himalayan oxygen. Some of the benefits include:

* Convenient and Easy to Use
* Bacon Enters Bloodstream in Seconds
* No Negative Pork Side Effects
* No Calories, Fat or Stimulants
* Non-Prescription ~ Recreational Use Only
* Maximum Deliciousness

7. Fat Ho Burgers for the best in nom. I'd so eat here in a fast minute. From Urlesque: 

"23-year-old Waco, Texas native Lakita Evans worked her way through college so that she could open her own restaurant. That's pretty much the American dream, so why are people in the community's feathers ruffled? Because she decided to call her restaurant "Fat Ho Burgers. Grilled favorites include the Sloppy Ho Brisket or the Supa Dupa Fly Ho with Chz for a lunch crowd that’s spilling out of the front door."

8. This so-called new art trend of vomiting paint on a canvas and selling it for thousands of dollars is beyond WTF. From Buzzfeed:

"Millie Brown vomits a range of colored liquids onto a canvas while two classical singers perform. You can buy these pieces for £1,500."

9. Cool WTFckery here! A gown made of children's Golden Books! From Boingboing:

"Designer Ryan Novelline has created a smashing gown out of Golden Books -- he's documented the process, which looks like great fun: "The skirt is comprised entirely of the illustrations from the books sewn together with metallic gold thread, and the bodice is made from the books' foil spines. Both the bodice and skirt have tape backing for reinforcement."

10. You know you're bored when... you try to put 3,000 toothpicks in your beard. And Penny and Mandi sigh in joy since this video is perfect for their beard fetish.

11. And your Regretsy WTFckery has a very intricate design. I can only imagine the comments you would get if you wore this jacket for a night on the town.

Hope you have enjoyed this week's best in WTFckery!



smexys_sidekick said...

That doll is...ummm...NEVER coming near my house!!!! I don't get all the moms who say breastfeeding was such an awesome experience. I found it very creepy and was glad kidlet had to go to the bottle.

Bacon addicts. LMAO Classic. I love bacon and shall NEVER give up my addiction to it.

I want that bunny.

Smash Attack! said...

That doll and jacket should go in the WTFckery Hall of Fame!

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, oh what a pretty jacket haha

Monica Burns said...

How awesome that directly beneath your post was an advertisement for tonight's Borgia series on Showtime. Talk about a F'cked up family who is SOOOO Italian!! I can't wait!

I also wish there was a way to turn my wonderful husband into Spielberg, or at least be rich like the man. I could go for a yacht like that, and I know I'd be skinny too. I'd have nothing to do but weight training and lay in the sun. Not a bikini though. Never liked two pieces. Nothing left to the imagination!

heidenkind said...

The vomiting art made me laff.

Nifty said...

I do NOT understand why people waste their time/resources making all that vagina-themed stuff. Do they sell it? And who do they sell it it? It's just ridiculous.

Bev(QB) said...

You know, I usually interpret WTF as WHAT the f*ck, but several of today's WTFckery entries can only be interpreted as WHY the f*ck?!

Consider my mind boggled.

Rhianna said...

I want one of them damn breastfeeding baby dolls! I commented about it when Allison posted but even moreso now I just want it for the WTFuckery factor. I'd be one of those people smexys_sidekick doesn't get I 'spose. To each their own.

I wanna know about Mr. Spielberg's yacht's sound system though... does it play the Jaws theme 24/7? ;D

Now is it just me or does anyone else think the design on the SmoothGroove looks like it's trying to hint at looking like a peen?

Penelope said...

Note to self: don't try to kiss a guy with 3000 tooth picks in his beard. Ow!

Atlanta Roofing said...

I think it is a sad situation in higher education when Snooki is invited to lecture at a university not to mention getting paid more than a Nobel Prize winner. This speaking fee would have paid for a post-doc position or scholarships or many other incredibly worthy things…

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I anticipate it is a sad bearings in college apprenticeship if Snooki is arrive to address at a university not to acknowledgment accepting paid added than a Nobel Prize winner. This speaking fee would accept paid for a post-doc position or scholarships or abounding added abundantly aces things...

Abbie said...

The "Smooth Guard" reminded me of an SNL skit.

I'm a big fan of breastfeeding, but I think that doll is just creepy. Of course, all those "life-like" dolls make me nervous. Maybe I'm still scarred from seeing "Chucky" as a kid. said...

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