Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Chase Book Review *Erin McCarthy*

Erin McCarthy’s The Chase (Fast Track #4) brings back the loopy fun and steam I found missing in Hot Finish (Fast Track #3). Not only do we have two main characters who are adorable and unbelievable hot for one another, but their reunion was very emotional, especially from Evan, the hero’s point of view. This is the one woman who got away and left him emotionally scarred for ten long years. The reason is because of a big misunderstanding that’s nipped in the bud right from the start where he and his one true love Kendall reconnect just by talking to one another. And reconnect they do *wiggles eyebrows*. Even with the truly silly reason why these two broke up when they were barely out of their teens, The Chase is perfect for those who need a light read with great love scenes. Evan and Kendall have great chemistry and most of all, they are very good friends.

So, you’d think The Chase would be a complete winner. Unfortunately no. The ending is to blame because it’s so out of left field with its WTF lacking HEA that breaks most romance rules. Because of this, I found myself irked, and when I finished, I was left unsatisfied.

But let’s start out with the story. Kendall Holbrook and Evan Monroe are race car drivers. Kendall is one of the few female drivers who’s respected by her associates. Then there’s Evan, who’s not doing well on the track and ends up losing his sponsor because of it. He’s able to get a new sponsor, but only if he teams up alongside with Kendall where they promote a his-and her deodorant. But because Kendall and Evan have ten years of bad blood between them, it can’t work. Evan is still very much attracted to Kendall, but he’s still hurting over the way she turned her back on him with no reason even though they were as close as a man and woman in love could be. Kendall has the answers to why she walked away from Evan all those years ago. And when they’re finally able to talk and hash things out where all their anger and frustration toward one another is out in the open, they decide to pick up where they left off. Evan couldn’t be happier and wants forever with Kendall, who’s still not certain she can give up her heart to him.

I really liked the way Kendall and Evan were able to work through their issues and welcome each other back into their lives. Here are two people who actually talk about their feelings and honestly. It may have taken ten years too long, but as I mentioned before, the misunderstanding between them is quickly fixed. From that moment on, Evan and Kendall are all over each other. These two are total nymphos who have amazing marathon sex sessions. You name the place and the position and it’s on between them.

There’s really not too much angst or dramatics overall and The Chase flows along with happy results, that is until Erin throws a curve ball in that made me go WTH? Again this is a case of one final dramatic move on the author’s part. The main couple are separated for a short time in order for them to come to the conclusion that although something horrible has happened, they can forgive and forget because they are each other’s soul mates. Kendall has a right to be hurt, but since Evan wasn’t involved with her at the time, she should be understanding to his explanation of the situation. This situation Evan finds himself in is something that does occur in real life to sports figures, but in the realm of romantic fiction, I’m not really happy about reading it. Also the way Evan’s new responsibility is resolved is very lacking and the ending is abrupt and disjointed. I really don’t see why Erin felt she had to throw this zinger in because it fails in regards to the final resolution between Kendall and Evan. The word flat comes to mind in an otherwise engaging romance.

For the most part, The Chase was great reading. The ending takes away from the story and doesn’t really bring anything positive as a whole. I feel cheated in some way as does Kendall and what she’s taking on by forgiving Evan and his past discretion that will make their future unstable.

The Chase, even with this ending I can’t stop but fixate on, is one contemporary romance that readers should enjoy. (Berkley)

Final Grade: B-

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Fiction Vixen said...

I keep reading the same reaction to the ending in all the reviews I've read so far. :) Nice review.

Mandi said...

*nods* I liked it..until the end. Then it was rushed and major WTF.

But still a sexy book!

Ing said...

Hmmm...I haven't read her before but the cover caught my eye! I like nice man I will have to check this book out. I'll be prepared for the ending so that's a plus.