Friday, December 17, 2010

Alien Tango Book Review *Gini Koch*

One of my favorite debut authors to come out this year is Gini Koch with her over the top and loopy sci-fi book, Touched by an Alien. In Touched by an Alien, we were introduced to Katherine, “Kitty” Katt and how her life went into a tail spin when she finds out up close and personal that there are aliens on Earth, as well as an undercover Men in Black type organization keeping the Earth safe. These Men in Black are also aliens, and considered to be to die for eye candy to Kitty. One in particular, an empathy named Jeff Martini, becomes smitten with Kitty. Soon they’re involved intimately, where every chance they get, they’re all over each other like a bunch of horny teenagers. Sounds silly, right? But that’s the fun in reading Gini Koch. You’re not supposed to take it seriously and just go along for the ride and enjoy yourself.

Now Kitty, Martini and her hunky group of alien Armani wearing men are back in Alien Tango. It six months after the events in Touched by an Alien, and Kitty is now a Commander working with a team of pilots combined of humans and A-C's (The A-C’s are what Martini and his fellow compatriots in arms are.) Kitty and Jeff are in a committed relationship where they try to find ways to sneak off every chance they can get (and through wall banging sex) how much they love one another. Jeff’s family wants to meet Kitty even though his mother drives him crazy, but in a loving way only a mother can. Kitty’s high school reunion is right around the corner, which Jeff can’t wait to go to, if not only to be by Kitty’s side but to meet Kitty’s rich and handsome best friend since high school, Chuckie. Jeff wants to make certain Chuckie knows who Kitty belongs to, and although Kitty thinks Jeff overreacts, she does get a bit of thrill over Jeff’s possessiveness.

Kitty and her crew head down to Florida to investigate a human terrorist organization called Club 51 that hates aliens, mainly the A-C’s. Kitty will kill two birds with one stone since Martini’s family lives in Florida. But nothing goes as planned, especially when a group of astronauts are caught in the crossfire, one being Kitty’s old high school boyfriend, Brian, who she lost her virginity to. Brian thinks he’s still in love with Kitty, and also has a stalker who wants to kill Kitty. There’s also a new, peaceful alien race that needs a few willing bodies to inhabit, who turn to Kitty for help.

Things become even more perilous when the Club 51 terrorists take hostages at the Kennedy Space Center. The only way to stop the bloodshed from happening is using some snarly alligators as weapons. If Kitty thought she had her hands full with her last mission, aka Operation Fugly, she hasn’t seen anything yet.

Alien Tango is ridiculously fun reading, and even more outlandish than Touched by an Alien. When I first heard about all this talk regarding alligators in Alien Tango, I knew I had to read it to believe it. There’s a certain scene in the middle of all the action where Kitty is literally backed into a corner. With her men down, and major lack of firepower, she comes up with a plan using alligators at the local zoo in ways that will have you rolling your eyes and laughing at the same time. Kitty sure does come up with the most inventive ways to fight back against her enemy.

Alien Tango also has a deeper meaning to it, which entails the persecution of a person’s race and religion. Even though everyone around them knows that Kitty and Jeff belong together, they have some hurdles overcome such as Kitty being human and having different beliefs from the A-C's. Jeff is expected to mate and breed with someone of his species. But Jeff refuses to play by these rules, and would do anything for his Kitty. He’d be lost without her. Martini is an interested hero, a combination beta/alpha combination, who does get jealous around men who are a bit too friendly with Kitty. He also has some self-esteem issues, even though he’s drop dead gorgeous and liked and admired by everyone. Kitty is much more of an exhibitionist when it comes to public displays of affection. But Jeff makes up for it the moment he and Kitty are alone. I can’t tell you the amount of lusty love making these two engage in. Kitty’s mind is constantly in the gutter when it comes to Jeff.

Alien Tango is a very unique book in regards to romance, suspense and the science fiction element. There were only two things that held me back from giving this a near perfect grade. The beginning is slow and takes time to move things along. Also, the ending is a bit convoluted and rushed. I had the sense that Gini got to a certain point and wasn’t sure how to proceed, where she takes a puzzling route that some may scratch their heads over. I was one of them, but when all was said and done, it ended the story in a satisfying way. (Let’s just say that Martini channels his inner Hulk)

Alien Tango is the second book in what will be, as of now, a six part series. I really look forward to the further adventures of lust Kitty, and the seductively sweet Jeff. This is one couple who I can’t wait to see what trouble they get into, while acting on their passion for one another at a drop of a hat. (DAW)

Final Grade: B+

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Heather said...

Am adding her now to my tbr pile, this sounds like an interesting series. Thanks for the review

Amber Scott said...

I LOVE this series!!!! Martini makes me sweat.

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

Great review! I LOVE this series soooo much! cant wait for more Jeff and Kitty! not to mention Reader, Christofer and the whole gang LOL