Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Icing on the Cake Book Review *Alison Kent*

Forgive me if I overuse the word “sweet” in this review. The Icing on the Cake was just too “sweet”.

Icing on the Cake by Alison Kent is the third and final book for the True Vows Reality Based Romance. From the three books I read for this line, I would be very interested in reading more. The Icing on the Cake was an adorable read about two people who meet each over the on-line dating site, They could be the perfect couple to promote the site on all those commercials we see on television about Match. This book shows everything that is great about on-line dating and how far it has come in people meeting their mates. Michelle and Todd’s story really struck gold for me because it feels so real. The Washington Post even did an article on Michelle and Todd last January about how these two met and how Michelle took the big gamble not only on Todd, but accomplishing her dream of opening a specialty bakery even after she was laid off from her job.

Michelle Snow is frustrated with the dating scene. All her girlfriends are concerned for her still being single. I really didn’t see the big deal why it was so important for Michelle to be with someone, and Michelle feels the same way. She’s sick of going on dates where men don’t pay and are just too dull for words. Michelle’s issues with dating go way back to when she was in college and was hurt by some immature boy. Her friend Christina recommends, and Michelle basically goes kicking and screaming in setting up a profile. She’ll find out by joining that it will be one of the best things she has ever done.

As Michelle looks through the male profiles, she spots one that makes her laugh. Not only does one catch her eye based on the guy’s picture, but his description about himself and what he’s looking for really strikes a chord with her. Plus he’s a cutie with nice dimples. When Todd Bracken receives an e-mail notifier from Match, he’s not expecting much, but Michelle’s greeting- “You have a great profile, and an even better smile.” really speaks to him. He finds it sweet and to the point. He’s mainly sold on Michelle complimenting his smile. Todd takes a chance and emails Michele back and soon they are sharing emails together until they set up a first date to meet face-to-face.

Both are very nervous about meeting, and it was really cute to see what they both were thinking before and during their date. Michelle and Todd introduce themselves and get to know one another. This maybe the best first date ever! I would say there are some fireworks between the two, but what cements their interest in one another is their outgoing personalities and how well they complement one another with their likes and what they both want in life. Their first date is a great success, where they talk for hours and actually shut down the restaurant they are at.

They both take things slow, as in they don’t fall into bed right away, at least from my point of view. Soon they both can’t stop thinking about one another and want to spend every moment together. And when they do come together intimately, and have some fun in the sheets, it’s wonderful and subtly steamy, if there can even be something like that. Alison Kent really excels with her love scenes, which is a great combination of passion and sweetness.

The Icing on the Cake title is all about Michelle wanting to open her own bakery and how Todd pushes her to do so. Michelle is very much a career minded woman, but now that she has Todd, she reevaluates what she wants in life. Todd is unbelievably supportive and close to perfect. Can we clone Todd, please? Alison Kent is able to show Michele and Todd’s personal ups and down and how they were both able to overcome them and give each other a helping hand.

By the end of The Icing on the Cake I was craving something sweet, just like Michele’s dream, which she accomplished in February of this year by opening A Cupcakery Bakeshop in Chevy Chase, Maryland. As for her and Todd’s future, why not read The Icing on the Cake to see what happened to them? (HCI)

Final Grade: B

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Sounds like a lovely read!!

Heather said...

I enjoyed this one as well.