Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Forbidden Book Review *Christina Phillips*

Carys and her people, the druids, are in hiding from the Roman barbarians that have taken over their land. As a healer and princess, Carys wants to care for those that are sick, but if she is caught by a Roman soldier, she fears being attacked and raped. She prays to her goddess for answers, but hears nothing in return. She is walking a dangerous line when she watches a Roman bathing near a waterfall. She is strangely attracted to him and fantasies about becoming his lover. When the Roman spots her, she doesn't run in fear, but welcomes his touch.

Tiberius Valerius Maximus is one of the Roman centurions who has invaded this land and practically enslaved the people there. When Maximus spots Carys spying on him, he is both curious and aroused. He won't force himself on Carys as so many of his counterparts do. Instead, he will court her with respect and kind words until she will only want him and no other.

Carys knows that being with Maximus is dangerous. Her one time lover and the high priest, Aeron, is obsessed with having her for his own and uses magic and the power of the gods to show him how to make her love him. But Carys has never loved Aeron, or even enjoyed sex with him, because of his selfishness and greed. She turns to Maximus for fulfillment although she knows they can never have a future together. Soon Maximus will go back to Rome and most likely marry. And since Carys refuses to leave her suffering people, she will stay behind.

As Carys and Maximus's passion for one another continues to grow, Aeron becomes even more unstable and has a plan to not only kill Maximus but make Carys pay for refusing him.

Forbidden is a passionate tale about enemies who become lovers. Maximus is the type to take what he wants, but even though he is a hardened soldier, he is still merciful and simply longs for peace. He finds this peace with Carys, who is insightful to his needs, as well as her own. Carys is very spiritual in her search for advice and choosing the correct path to take. She soon realizes that all that matters is being with Maximus and even defies the gods to be with him.

The setting is rich with mysticism, ancient customs and sensual love scenes between Carys and Maximum where a Roman bath is put to good use. Aeron is a nasty piece of work who has no redeeming qualities and is one of the many obstacles facing Carys and Maximum.

Christina Phillips has a nice way with words and setting up a story. Her love scenes have just the right amount of heat and should appeal to those readers who like a little more spice and passion. Forbidden was an enjoyable read by an author who can really tap into the emotions of her characters and the world around them. For a solid reading experience, I would recommend Forbidden.

Final Grade: B

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Mandi said...

I liked this one...and I'm really looking forward to Captive.

Carys was so naughty rubbing herself on that tree... ;)

Katiebabs/ KB said...

When Carys did the tree rub, a million naughty thoughts when through my head. I blame that tree sex romance I once read.