Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ecstasy in Darkness Book Review *Gena Showalter*

I had so much fun reading this latest by Gena Showalter, that Ecstasy in Darkness maybe my favorite Alien Huntress book to date. A great snarky, yet vulnerable heroine and an alpha dominate hero who wants the heroine with every sense of his being, while not knowing where he stands with her, makes for some great reading. And let’s not forget that that love scenes are steamy and just too good for words.

Alien Investigation Removal (AIR) trainees Ava Sans and Noelle Tremain are the best of friends. Noelle was a rich girl rebel, while Ava grew up poor with an alcoholic mother. They have always relied on one another, and together they make a great team who cause a great deal of problems because they don’t listen to the rules. They’re called upon by their supervisor to bring down Victor McKell, the one-time¬ leader of the vampire army who can stop time in short bursts. McKell is thought to be unstable and psychotic. Perhaps the two-woman Apocalypse team of Ava and Noelle will have better luck at apprehending this dangerous vampire?

When Ava and Noelle come across McKell’s camp, they taunt him with sexual innuendos, which he responds to. Basically Ava and Noelle tell him they will make out in front of him and him being a man, is all for it. Because of that, they’re able to incapacitate him. McKell promises murder, although he’s very attracted to Ava. He’s able to escape because of his powers, and will return for his revenge and to claim Ava. Noelle can’t believe McKell got the upper hand on them, especially Ava, who can’t stop thinking of her favorite butterscotch candy when it comes to McKell. In Ava’s mind, she has called dibs on McKell, although she knows she’s playing with fire when it comes to him. But then McKell arrives on her doorstep and wants to help Ava and AIR apprehend an alien queen on the loose who, through sex, can pass along a disease that causes men to become cannibals. Ava and McKell kiss on their bargain, and soon McKell won’t allow Ava out of his sight because Ava is his mate. McKell isn’t happy about this new turn of events because the only blood he can now drink is Ava’s.

Ecstasy in Darkness is a rip-roaring, laugh out loud a minute wild ride that only Gena Showalter can write. This latest in her Alien Huntress series is a world filled with alien species, vampires and warrior women who are trying to save the world. A book like this is perfect for readers who enjoy a combination of sci-fi paranormal with smoldering love scenes that if they could, have steam rising from them.

I couldn’t get enough of McKell, who is all out of sorts in regards to Ava. His alpha, possessive tendencies toward his spunky woman are full of wonderful silliness and endearing playfulness. Ava has always felt less than worthy, and when McKell enters the picture, his desire and respect for her makes her feel on top of the world. And Ava’s friendship with Noelle is wonderful as well. These are two women who would die for one another if they had to.

You really can’t go wrong with a Gena Showalter novel. Ecstasy in Darkness is a must read where I’m already anxious for the next Alien Huntress novel, which I hope is Noelle’s who needs her HEA like her friend Ava now has.

A must read! (Pocket)

Final Grade: A

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Mandi said...

oooh..An A for Showalter!!! I have to start this series!

barbara said...

I'm so excited by your review! I love all of Gena Showalter's books and am looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

Katiebabs/ KB said...

Mandi: *gasp* Yes you must!

Barbara: Gena's heroes and heroines are a combination of sexiness and wackiness.

Ally said...

Great review! :)

Eva said...

The cover is HOT!