Monday, September 20, 2010

Guest Post: Interview with Author Grace Meadows

I love talking about debut authors, and one is from my publisher, Decadent Publishing. Grace Meadows writes erotic romances, and Untouched Places is her first novel. So, I thought why not an interview?

Synopsis: In Untouched Places you will meet a new paranormal entity from Iceland. He's more enigmatic than a shapeshifter and sexier than a vampire. You'll fall in love with him -- don't say I didn't warn you.

KB: Tell us about your latest release, Untouched Places. And what's up with this "paranormal entity" from Iceland that’s more than a shapeshifter and sexier than a vampire?

Grace: For a novella, Untouched Places holds a lot of story. The narrator, Ruth Arnison is love-worn but has an undying belief in romance. Passion leads her to abandon her life in Canada for a new life in Iceland. Unfortunately, things don’t go well there and she must leave. Back home in Canada, she is forced to take a job she doesn’t want. At work, she meets a group of women who demand she tell them a story. The story she tells them throbs with passion and greed.

Oh, yes, my paranormal entity who is more enigmatic than a shapeshifter and sexier than a vampire.

Ull is a huldufolk. I'm planning to explore the legend of the huldufolk in length on my blog -- In brief, however, I'll quote from Nelson S. Gerrard's book The Icelandic Heritage. He writes that Huldufolk 'can be the leprechauns of Ireland, who...lived in rocky outcrops and were invisible to all but those with second sight. Huldufolk...however (differ), in that they...were not dwarfs...but fully human in appearance....In some respects they were a superior race, at least with regard to their powers and knowledge, but they nevertheless frequently sought human contact. Sometimes they fell in love with humans.'

KB: Have you always wanted to write erotic romance?

Grace: I've been writing erotica for about a year.

KB: How did you come up with the idea for Untouched Places and how long did it take you to write it until you submitted it to Decadent Publishing?

Grace: Writing Untouched Places steamed from my love of nature and my desire to share Icelandic legends. The entire process -- writing, submission, publication -- took approximately one year.

KB: Is Grace Meadows your real name? If not, how did you come up with your author name?

Grace: Grace Meadows is my pen name. I use it when I write erotica. I use my real name -- Leanne Dyck -- when I write mainstream. I found my pen name by translating my first name into old English.

KB: Have you ever been to Iceland? What made you want to set Untouched Places there?

Grace: In September, 2007 I was fortunate to visit northern Iceland. Untouched Places is partially set in Iceland for many reasons. The most important --as I'm a Canadian with roots in Iceland --I wanted to share my culture with others.

KB: How important do you think social media, such as Facebook and Twitter is for author promo?

Grace: I think its very important. I especially enjoy using Twitter because it gives the biggest bang for the least amount of work. My twitter ID is lustful graces.

KB: Are you working on anything now you can share with us?

Grace: Currently I'm working on a Young Adult coming of age story that's loosely based on a nine-month trip I took in my late teens.

KB: Who are your favorite authors to read and if you had the choice, which author, living or dead would you like to sit down and have dinner with? Why?

Grace: I have a long ever-growing list of favourite authors. However, as I have dyslexia I would like to dine with authors who have faced similar challenges and trimuphant. So sitting with me at the supper table would be John Grisham and Agatha Christie.

KB: Is there any advice you can giving struggling writers who are ready to throw in the towel because they may think getting published is too hard?

Grace: Actually, thanks to modern technilogy it's easier than ever to search for a publisher. Remember, to spread your net as wide as possible. Contact traditional and ebook publishers as well as literary agents. While you search hone your craft and join a writers group. Share your work whether that be through a blog or a local literary journal. Let your writing make a noise and they will notice you. Most importantly believe in the power of your words.

Excerpt from Untouched Places:

"Cindy told us tons of stories. Entertained us. Her tongue wouldn't stop flappin'. That's why you're here and she's not. Cindy said too much. Ms. Palson doesn't want you talking. She's a private person. You can't even see her house from the road. She's got this huge mansion --or so we've been told --and she wants to keep every detail to herself."

She looked at me with steel eyes. "But we want you to talk. Entertain us."

That said, the bus once again filled with noise. It was clear my audience wanted a story. And a story was what I gave them.

You can find Grace at her blog and on twitter as @lustfulgraces.

Untouched Places can be purchased at Decadent Publishing for $2.99. Click here to buy.


Kate Richards said...

Hi Grace,
I didn't know you had Icelandic roots. I think you're the first person I know who does. That's part of why it's fun to read blogs, we get to know more about the authors we like.

Grace didn't mention she's an incredibly talented knitter, who makes the most beautiful handcrafted items!

Ellen Keener said...

Great interview! I'd never heard of the Huldufolk I'll have to go read up!

Looking forward to reading it!

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Wonderful interview! I love stories set in different places-the book sounds really good.

Mark Damaroyd said...

Having Iceland as a setting is so unique and a fantastic idea. Well done. Coincidentally, I'm having a crack at writing a short set in America - something of a challenge for a Brit living in Thailand!

Wishing you continued success,


Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you all for your support and kind comments.
All the best